8 Effective Ways to Help New Moms Lose Baby Weight

How can new moms lose the baby weight?

lose the baby weight

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Besides caring for your new bundle of joy, you may also be worrying about reclaiming your pre-pregnancy body. Thankfully, losing the baby weight isn’t much different than losing weight in general. Take a look at eight surefire ways for new moms to tighten up and lose excess baby weight.

Set realistic goals

One of the biggest mistakes new moms make concerning weight loss is setting unrealistic goals. Your body has just sustained and given birth to human life so give yourself some grace. Setting realistic, healthy goals for weight loss will not only thwart disappointment when the weight doesn’t come off quickly enough, but it will also allow you to achieve enduring weight loss success. Best of all, realistic goals will help keep you motivated and determined.

Breastfeed if you can

Certainly, breastfeeding isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. However, if you’re physically and mentally able to breastfeed your baby, the benefits are substantial. Breastfeeding is beneficial to your baby, however, some new moms fail to recognize just how beneficial it is to their emotional and physical health. Did you know that breastfeeding, both making milk, and nursing, can help you burn up to 700 calories a day? As such, breastfeeding can help new moms on their postpartum weight loss journey.

Keep healthy snacks handy

As with any weight loss program, keeping healthy snack options handy is integral. Stocking the refrigerator with fresh fruit and vegetables and the pantry with low-calorie, high-protein options will set you up for success. Keeping prepared, healthy options readily available makes it more likely that you’ll grab the healthier option over the unhealthy option. It’s also a good idea to have healthy, packaged snacks on hand so that you can easily grab one on the go.

Commit to a healthy lifestyle change with a keto weight loss program

The most realistic way to meet your postpartum goals is through a proven weight loss program. Although choosing the best fit for your lifestyle may seem daunting, one of the best plans for postpartum weight loss is a Keto weight loss program. Knowing how busy and tired new moms are, you might find it helpful to have a curated meal plan to maximize weight loss ketosis. Having a meal plan to refer to takes the guesswork out of dieting and will enhance your success.

Drink lots of water

Not only is drinking lots of water the best substitute for sugary, high-calorie drinks but water also plays an integral role in other facets of weight loss. For instance, water is a natural appetite suppressant, it aids in digestion, studies suggest water intake helps burn calories, it flushes waste from your body, and the list goes on. Lastly, water improves the quality of workouts by keeping muscles and ligaments hydrated thereby reducing the likelihood of muscle cramps and fatigue.

Move your body

It’s no great mystery that exercise is fundamental to weight loss and an overall healthy lifestyle. Although this principle applies to anyone on a weight loss journey, postpartum exercise helps new moms quickly return to their pre-pregnancy weight. A consistent exercise routine helps new moms to restore muscle strength and firm up their bodies. Although you can ramp up to a high-intensity exercise program, the true key to postpartum weight loss is consistency in your exercise routine.

Rest your body adequately

The connection between adequate rest and successful weight loss is undeniable. Without a doubt, the more rested your body and mind are, the more energized you are for both exercise and meal planning. Moreover, some researchers suggest there’s even a connection between lack of sleep and an elevated appetite. New moms notoriously lack adequate sleep; but if you’re starting a postpartum weight loss journey, be sure to catch as many Zs as possible.

Be patient with yourself

As noted earlier, setting realistic goals and giving your postpartum body grace is imperative to successful weight loss. Consider the fact that it took you more than nine months of pregnancy to accrue the extra weight you’re left with post-pregnancy. It’s not unreasonable to think your body may take the same length of time to return to your pre-pregnancy weight.


Undoubtedly, patience, consistency, and healthy choices are key to postpartum weight loss. Increased water intake, adequate rest, and a well-curated meal plan will also help you shed the baby weight.

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