Essential Steps To Take When Planning Ahead Of Heatwaves

Essential steps to take when planning ahead of heatwaves.

ahead of heatwaves

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Though we’ve only just entered spring, warmer weather is definitely on its way. A heatwave won’t be seen for a while, but it’s never too early to start thinking about them and preparing for their inevitable arrival.

It’s not enough to put ice trays in the freezer, nor is fanning oneself. Heatwaves are becoming more intense year on year, and measures must become more robust as they escalate in severity. Hopefully, by thinking about things slightly earlier than you perhaps would, you can put yourself in a better position to act more swiftly and decisively when the time comes. Here are some of the essential steps to take when planning ahead of a heatwave.

Know who’s most vulnerable

Most people struggle to some extent during a heatwave. After all, in 2019, reports surfaced claiming that the UK was one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to heatwaves caused by climate change. 

Inevitably, some people will suffer more than others. If you have dependents around you, then it’s important to be aware of how likely they are to struggle more intensely during these testing periods. 

Demographics that are likely to experience greater strife during a heatwave are: 


  • Elderly people. 
  • Those with relevant at-risk health conditions, such as breathing or heart problems.
  • Babies and young children.
  • People living alone.


If you or someone you know could be more vulnerable to a heatwave, then looking out for each other and monitoring one another’s well-being is advisable. Allow these factors to inform your sense of priorities during a heatwave and communicate with those who may need more instruction in looking after themselves. 

Upgrade your tech 

Air conditioning units and fans can be useful when temperatures get warmer. However, their effectiveness can be dulled under a more intense heatwave.  

It’s important to invest in more promising technologies where possible, especially if your decisions affect others. For example, employers should visit this page to learn more about evaporative coolers and how they can keep workplace environments cool. The units use warm air, taking advantage of the evaporation processes to cool areas efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Remember that technology is always moving forward, not only in entertainment aspects but in practical ones too. Equipping yourself or any business you run with the latest and greatest is sure to give you a much better chance of mitigating the effects of a heatwave when it arrives. Having these resources at your disposal may also cool your stress levels if heatwaves are something you understandably worry about.

Stock up 

When going outside during a heatwave, the general advice is to stick to the shade. However, this doesn’t mean you should be venturing out unnecessarily. 

Hopefully, you will be staying updated on all the impending heatwaves due to arrive. The settings of news apps on your smartphone may enable you to set notifications for certain topics, such as heatwaves. That way, you can make a note to stock up when a notification arrives. 

Purchase enough food and drink to keep you and your household healthy when it’s time. Think about your pet’s needs too, and don’t forget any prescribed medicine that must be taken. The more you can reduce your forays into the outside world during the heatwave, the better.

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