How To Baby Proof A Fireplace

How to baby-proof a fireplace?

baby-proof fireplace

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Fireplaces are a great way to heat a room. They are a beautiful addition to your home. But they can also be dangerous sometimes. As a parent, you want to do everything possible to keep your child safe. And one area of potential danger is your fireplace. The fireplace is an essential feature for most homes. But a fireplace can be turned into many possible threats when you have a child in the house. 

So what to do? Would stopping using a fireplace be a solution? The answer is no, not at all. Although rather than closing up your fireplace, you take some effective measures to make your fireplace completely baby safe. 

Here are the picked tips on how to babyproof your fireplace entirely. Let’s start knowing why it is essential to babyproof a fireplace. 

Why is babyproofing a fireplace important?

When you have a fireplace and baby together in your home, it is crucial to babyproof it. A fireplace can be a beautiful focal point in a room, but it can also be hazardous for a baby. From a fireplace, your baby can quickly get burned and hurt. A fireplace can lead your kid to unexpected occurrences if not appropriately protected. 

It can also damage your expensive fireplace. Besides, baby proofing is also essential and recommended even if you don’t have babies yet. Because you can have guests around with a baby or pet anytime.

Consider a baby proof hearth

For families with young children, a babyproof hearth is a must. The first step is to soften the hearth edge. You can do this by placing a padded edge around the perimeter of the hearth. Also, using a rug that extends beyond the hearth is okay. This rug will help block all entrance into the hearth and create boundaries around it. 

Additionally, you can place furniture like seating arrangements around the hearth or install child gates to protect your child from potential harm further.

Go for childproof fireplace doors

It’s crucial to install childproof fireplace doors as soon as possible. Fireplace doors are affordable and easy to install, and they can help keep your family safe from potential fires. 

These doors remain cool to the touch, providing a barrier between the combustion chamber and your family. They also prevent small children from getting too close to the flames.

Restrict all way to near the fireplace

Baby gates are adequate precautions to keep your children safe. Using a baby gate to close off the doorway beside the fireplace is the safest way beside the fireplace doors. Nothing to worry about if you have a large fireplace. You will easily find a long gate on marketplaces to create an extended restriction around the entire fireplace. 

This gate will help keep your child from getting too close to the fire and from being able to reach any hot embers or flames.

Don’t keep fireplace tools around

Many people store their fireplace tools close to the fireplace, within easy reach. Fireplace tools are a necessary part of tending to the fire. But when you have a baby around, it can also be dangerous if not handled properly as the tools have sharp edges to hurt your baby. 

Tools are often heavy enough to break a glass screen. So it is best to keep the tools out of reach. Either in a toolbox or hung on a distant wall.

Enable safety features

Alongside taking steps to ensure that the child cannot access the fireplace, you can go for some safety features for your fireplace. 

One such safety feature is a carbon monoxide detector. This device detects the presence of carbon monoxide gas, which can be deadly if inhaled. Another safety feature is a fire alarm. The alarm will sound if there is a fire in the fireplace, giving you time to evacuate your home with your child. 

Additionally, you can install a sensor that will warn you when your baby is close to the fireplace.

Never leave a fireplace unattended

All arrangements of babyproofing your fireplace can turn out to be unsuccessful if you leave the fireplace unattended when baby or pets are around. 

Leaving it unattended is dangerous, especially when babies or young children are around. In just minutes, a small fire can grow into an out-of-control blaze. Make sure the fire is entirely out before leaving the room or going to bed. Keep flammable materials like newspapers and furniture away from the fireplace. 

If your kids are young enough to understand advice and command, then teach your children about fire safety and what to do if they see a fire.


You already know how important it is to babyproof a fireplace to avoid potential injuries. Ensure to block the fireplace with a gate, and never leave your child unattended near a fire. 

Use a fire screen and keep any flammable objects out of reach. Be sure also to have a working smoke detector and a fire extinguisher in your home. Follow these tips on babyproof a fireplace to ensure your child’s safety around the fireplace.

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