4 Fab Flooring Ideas that Won’t Date

Four fab flooring ideas that won’t date.

fab flooring ideas

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When our homes start to look a bit tired, our thoughts turn to replace the flooring. But carpets, tiles, and modern floor coverings all come at a cost. To get the best look for our money, we want something that looks good and won’t date easily. 

So, let’s take a look at four fab ideas that tick all the boxes for style and longevity, and help solve those flooring dilemmas.

Weathered-look hardwood floors

Let’s face it, a hardwood floor is always going to look fab. And they have been a staple in our homes for decades, so we know they don’t date. However, some styles and patterns can fall out of fashion, so stick with linear-laid boards. 

Of course, you may think that’s a bit plain and boring. But it doesn’t have to be. And if you want something that looks really interesting, then go for a weathered look. This can be achieved in more than one way. You can use reclaimed wood that already has a bit of character or limewash new boards. Limewashed boards work well with coastal-inspired interiors, which are thoroughly timeless. And reclaimed wood floors work with pretty much anything from country cottage to industrial styles.

Wood-effect vinyl flooring

Wooden floors are timeless, but they’re not practical or affordable for everyone. So, the next best thing is a fake wood floor. And vinyl is the perfect material. It’s often more hard-wearing than laminate and there are plenty of styles to choose from. For a really fab look though, choose luxury vinyl planks that mimic the texture and shape of wood, and give out a warm and natural hue.

You can complete a vinyl flooring install yourself or find a reputable flooring specialist to do it for you. Just make sure it has ample cushioning, so it feels nice underfoot. And if you have pets, check if it’s scratch-proof.

Black and white patterned tiles

Tiles are so hardwearing, that they last for years. But sadly, not every color or pattern ages so well. So, why not go for a classic design that still looks as good today as it ever did? 

Black and white alternating square tiles work well with just about every kitchen and bathroom style. Contemporary, traditional, and retro schemes all look great with this fab flooring style. And it works with natural wood, dark blues and greens, and pastels too. So, if you redecorate, you’ll still have a floor that works.

Installing square black and white tiles isn’t too difficult but you’ll want to make sure they’re laid neatly so the pattern looks right. And go for grey or black grout, so it won’t stain or show up dirt easily.

Neutral loop-pile carpet

Hard floors aren’t ideal for every room, so the last fab idea is to choose a neutral, loop-pile carpet. 

Going for a neutral carpet, such as a cream or light beige, gives you so many styling options and it really doesn’t date. So, you can use it as a blank canvas to build up a bold color scheme or keep things natural or minimalist. And because you can do either, you have the flexibility to have a change around whenever you fancy. Match it with bright pastels in spring or cozy deep and warming hues for winter. 

And choosing a loop-pile carpet rather than a cut or twist pile means rugs sit better on top of it. This makes it easy to perk up with patterns and bright colors. If you want to add more texture, you could also try a shaggy or jute mix rug.

To get the best look, carpets are best left to experienced fitters to install and neatly lay. And choosing a good underlay will make it feel nice and soft underfoot too.

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