How To Create a Kid-Friendly Home Gym

How to create a kid-friendly home gym?

kid-friendly home gym

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Setting up an at-home gym can be beneficial for your physical and mental health—not to mention your wallet, too. But how do you create a home gym that’s accessible for the entire family? Workout equipment can be dangerous for little ones, so it’s important to keep them safe while including them in your exercise routine.

Keep reading to learn more about setting up a kid-friendly workout space at home, what you can do together, and the equipment they can safely use. 

Whether you want your kid-friendly gym to be more soothing or kinetic, it’s important that you follow a few essential steps for setup. 

Find an accessible space

Exercising with your kids is all about accessibility for the entire family. Make sure that your at-home workout area has enough space for your kids to work out, as well as an area for adult supervision.  

Utilize everyday items as at-home weights while you work out with your kids. Integrate them into your exercise routine by letting them lift soft objects with you. Working out with your kids has many lasting benefits, like building teamwork, encouraging good habits, and creating a new family bonding time.

Get plenty of ventilation

Let’s face it—our kids can get smelly after long durations of physical activity. Add mats to this equation and the room you use as a home gym may never be the same. That’s why it’s important to make sure your home gym has plenty of ventilation. 

Opt for a room with multiple windows—preferably on different walls. That way, you can properly ventilate the space and provide constant airflow during family workouts. 

Utilize storage

Are you constantly on the lookout for how to make more storage space at home? A home gym has many versatile storage options. Workout equipment like step-up boxes are not only safe for kids but also stackable and easy to tuck away. 

Make sure that your heavier equipment can be locked away from the kids when not in use. Consider setting up a home workout space in a room that has a closet. That way, your kids’ wandering hands won’t be tempted to play with heavy equipment.

Keep your neighbors in mind

Stomping, playing, and tumbling can be great workouts for kids while under supervision—but this can also make them get loud. Ensure that your kid-friendly home gym is only open during the daylight hours, so you don’t disturb your neighbors as they wind down at night.

Customize to your family’s needs

A home gym is a great place for your whole family to come together to exercise and enjoy each other’s company—so customize your space the way you like it! 

To make the space a collaborative workout area for the whole family, designate one area of the room as an adult-only space. But if you want to make this room an active playroom, you can line the floor with colorful gym mats and tumbling wedges. 

At-home gyms are great places for family fun and bonding. Making a home gym kid-friendly can enrich your lives and encourage you to grow together.


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