7 Fun Vacation Ideas That Your Children Will Love

7 fun vacation ideas that your children will love.

fun vacation ideas

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Visiting new places has always been one of our favorite things to do. That’s why vacations seem like they’re never out of mind. If you’d like to go somewhere memorable with the family, we have a few ideas. Here are a couple of places your kids would love to see.

Fly down to New Orleans and celebrate Mardis Gras

Of all the places, we can’t stop thinking about our time in New Orleans. Even though it has an adult-oriented reputation, there’s plenty of kid-friendly stuff.

New Orleans has pretty much anything you could want while traveling on vacation. At the start of the day, stroll down the historic waterfront and sample the cuisine. During the dame, much of the city is full of vendors, out of the streets. Then, at nighttime, the festivities really kick off.

As long as you stick to the tourist areas, it’s kid-friendly at all hours. If you can find a babysitter for a night, venture down to the bars. There’s always something interesting going on in New Orleans.

Charter a jet and go to Miami

Chartering a private jet from New York to Miami is a great way to start a vacation. Your family could start the day in the Big Apple, and they would end it on the beaches of Miami. That’s pretty memorable without anything else.

So, getting to go on a private jet would just be icing on the cake. If your family prefers warm vacations, visiting Miami would be an ideal destination. Even in the dead of winter, it’s usually warm enough to visit the beach.

Stake-out the historic city of Baltimore

There’s quite a bit to see while you’re in Baltimore. If your family enjoys history, try checking out a few of the museums. Also, Baltimore’s parks are some of the prettiest in the country when it’s spring. So, that would be a great time to take your family to see them.

Surf on the beaches of California

Has your family gone surfing in southern California? If they haven’t, it’s an experience everyone has to try. Getting to feel what it’s like to stand atop a cresting wave is something else. We’ve never had anything quite match the experience if we were being honest. So, try surprising your family with a flight to San Diego.

Ski down the slopes of Aspen

Maybe, your family has a thing for the snow. If that’s the case, Aspen is the place you should go.

Skiing down Aspen’s white, snowy slopes has given us an unmatched sense of peace. Not only does it feel exhilarating, but you’re also looking at an elegant mountain valley. That would be a memory worth remembering if you had to ask us.

Tour the streets of New York

If you happen to fly out of New York, schedule the trip a few days earlier. That way, you have some time to explore what the city has to offer. In our experience, there are few places with the same eclectic mix of cuisine.

So, that would be where we focused our time if we had a few days in the city. Start by trying something you’ve never had and seeing how it tastes. Most of the time, you’ll have a new favorite food by the end of the first day.

Drift down the Colorado River

Does your family enjoy adrenaline-inducing vacations? If so, there’s nothing better at making that happen than white-water rafting. Try booking a tour guide to take your family down the Colorado River. It has quite a few spots where it’s ideal for white-water rafting. So, it would be perfect for the adventure-loving family.

Where to take your family for a fun vacation

Going on vacation has been our favorite part of the year, ever since childhood. Today, we get to pick where we’re going, and that makes it even better. So, see if your family has anywhere they’d like to go. If they do, see if you can make it happen. There’s nothing better than seeing their dreams come true.

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