6 Smart Home Solutions For The Whole Family

6 smart home solutions for the whole family.

smart home solutions

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The rise of technology has continued to increase in the past years, making room for more innovations that are more functional and convenient for everyday use. Apart from continuous innovations for portable gadgets, there’s also a growing demand for smart home gadgets, especially in the security and entertainment department.

Smart home gadgets are becoming a necessity nowadays because of their functional features that make life more comfortable. Most smart home solutions offer extensive functions that are helpful for daily use, like smart telephones, smart televisions, smart plugs, and more. There are also smart home gadgets that help heighten the security of your houses, like doorbells with built-in CCTV, outdoor light ring alarms, motion sensors, smart CCTV, and other integrated smart security devices.

With the various smart home gadgets currently existing in the market, how would you know which ones you need? To help you decide better, always consider that different family members have different needs and interests, and various smart home gadgets cater to all kinds of these needs. If you haven’t tried any smart home gadget yet, but you want to know what will best suit your family’s lifestyle, then keep reading. Here are six smart home solutions for your family:


Amazon Echo


So if you have a teenager at home who loves listening to music frequently, get them a smart speaker that can help elevate their music experience, and an Amazon Echo will do the trick. Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that is voice assistant integrated, so you can control its functions using Alexa. With Amazon Echo, you can quickly search for any music you feel listening to, play any song any time, and pause when the need arises for it using voice command.

Even more impressive with this smart speaker is that it can function like an intercom. If you place it in different locations at the house, you can use the speaker to announce something, like when it’s time for dinner, the kid’s school bus arrived, or when you want to say something to the family. 

Amazon Echo is also child-proof. The parental controls from Amazon kids automatically react to children when you have fun with them. It plays songs that are appropriate for children.

Eco4life Smart Wi-Fi Plug



Who would’ve thought that there’s a smart home device for under $20? As the name suggests, the Eco4life Smart Wi-Fi Plug is a smart plug that you can connect to wi-fi. It is controllable by voice command systems such as Alexa and Google Home.

To use this smart plug, you need to install the eco4 life plug application first. The app will then show you how easy it is to set up. You can connect up to 50 smart home devices and appliances with this smart plug, allowing you to turn them on and off anytime, anywhere! This is ideal for those who always leave a switch open. At least if you have this, you won’t have to worry about leaving an appliance on when you leave. 

With this smart plug, you can automate daily routines with different devices and appliances you use at home and set a schedule or timer for them. 


GE UltraFresh Front Load Washer with OdorBlock


Switch issues, exudes unpleasant smell, noisy once turned on, has excessive vibrations during usage, faulty drain, and water leaks – if you experience all of the above with your washer, then you might need to get a new one. The GE UltraFresh Front Load Washer is a smart washing machine that makes washing clothes easier and more convenient. Its internal components contain Miccroban technology, an odor-fighting antibacterial technology that prevents the build-up of mold that causes an unpleasant smell. Microban also got tested to be an effective antibacterial disinfectant that combats Covid-19, which means if it’s already in your Washer, then it doubles the disinfecting property of washers to different kinds of clothes. The smart washer has customized functions, where you can set a washing time for specific types of clothes, and pick an option that will be suitable for washing particular clothes type.


Greenworks GRV-1010 Robot vacuum


If you’re looking for a smart vacuum that cleans upholstery fabric well, then check out the Greenworks GRV-1010 Robot vacuum. It has a 2200Pa suction which is strong enough to remove hairs and dirt from carpets, furniture, and floor. 

With this robot vacuum, you can schedule, start, and pause your cleaning with the SMARTg application, alongside monitoring its cleaning route. Speaking of the route, it also has a feature that scans the whole area, allowing it to create its cleaning route. For easier control, it’s made compatible with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.


Arlo Pro 4 spotlight camera


One of the reasons why you should start investing in smart devices is that they provide higher levels of security. Smart home devices are best known for their security benefits. If you live in a big neighborhood, it’s best to get a CCTV camera to heighten the security around your house, and the Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera is one of the best picks for smart CCTV cameras.

It’s a weather-resistant outdoor security camera that provides high-resolution and detailed footage of what’s happening around your house with a 12x zooming feature. What makes the smart security camera special is it has an amazing motion sensor; it has a light that brightens up a particular area on your house when it detects a motion on that area. 

If you want to monitor what happens around your house whenever no one’s home or all of you are sleeping, get a smart camera like Arlo Pro 4 to ensure you capture everything in high resolution.


Samsung QN900A Neo QLED 8K TV


Smart home devices are best known in the entertainment department. The Samsung Samsung QN900A Neo QLED 8K TV has an 8k resolution providing an outstanding display. If you have gamers in the family, then they’ll surely love this smart TV.

This television is connectible to Wi-fi and it has excellent built-in audio that completes the television cinema experience. 


If you are looking to improve your home experience for your family, invest in quality smart home devices. Smart home digital solutions provide the best consumer experience because their primary purpose is to innovate and make life more comfortable. Apart from what we mentioned here, there are thousands of smart home devices in the market today that provide extensive functions useful for daily home use.

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