3 Child-Friendly Travel Destinations for New Parents

3 child-friendly travel destinations for new parents.

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Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Finding somewhere suitable for you and your kids can be difficult when it comes to holidays. More often than not, it results in the parents pretending to enjoy seeing the same panda at the same zoo. Or enjoying it because the kids enjoy it. 

But the world out there is very vast, and new parents don’t need to entirely abandon their idea of what makes a good holiday once they have a little bundle. There are a lot of options out there that make for great childhood memories that they can share with their parents. 

Paris, France

If you find your child is a fan of Disney, Paris is a safe bet. Not only will they recognize the iconic city from movies such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Aristocats, and Ratatouille (not to mention Anastasia, Hugo, and more) but therefore will want to know more, but it is the home of Euro Disney. 

Wander the cobbled streets and introduce your children to real ratatouille amongst the tiny restaurants, the real Notre Dame that was the bellringer’s home, and the stunning Eiffel Tower that overlooks the city. 

From there you can head to Disneyland, where you can wander around the Disney-themed rides and attractions, and maybe run into a few iconic characters along the way. It’s a no-brainer for kids, who will love the Dumbo-airplane ride, or the thrill of Space Mountain, catching a show of Elsa singing Let It Go, or even Stormtroopers dancing to the latest Top 40. 

Be careful of any travel restrictions that could cancel your trip. It would be a good idea to look for insurance for your next trip, just in case, something should go wrong at any of the locations given in this post. 

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a “best of both worlds” situation. There is a bustling city absolutely dripping with culture from its iconic buildings to its delicious street food, just a short drive away from the coast, or even a walk, depending on where your hotel is. 

You can alternate between days on the beach, enjoying the deep blue water, the fine white sand, and the hot sun, and wandering around the city known for its artwork that is seen around every corner. The city’s hero is Antoni Gaudi, who was a highly ambitious artist and architect. His most famous building in the city, the Church of the Sagrada Familia, looks like something from Atlantis, with blue stained-glass windows and exteriors that resemble coral. And then there is the private park of Park Guell, which was entirely designed by Gaudi and shows his love of mosaics, and perhaps gingerbread houses?

First and foremost, it is essential to reach the destination. For international travelers, the main gateway to this enchanting country is often through Barcelona airport, which serves as a central hub, connecting Spain to the rest of the world. When traveling with children, it’s particularly important to be well-informed about the airport’s facilities and services. Barcelona airport information, like the layout, available amenities like family restrooms, play areas, and dining options can make a significant difference in the travel experience. Additionally, understanding the transportation options from Barcelona Airport to the city center or other destinations within Spain is important. This preparation ensures a smooth, stress-free start to a memorable family vacation in Spain, where every member, from the youngest to the oldest, can enjoy and appreciate the beauty and culture of this vibrant country.

It’s a great option if you want to give your kids a dose of culture but will allow them to run around the beach too. 

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok’s reputation for being the ultimate rich lad’s stag do destination hasn’t done it any favors, but that is only one side of the large and diverse city. It’s like saying London is for people who like the Queen. It’s true, but not the whole picture. 

The city itself is filled with a mix of Asian heritage and western tourist traps. The kids will be blinded by the neon lights that offer everything from mini-golf to VR experiences but also try the street food that can only be found in a city like Bangkok. 

It’s also a city that is conveniently by the coast, meaning you can take advantage of the many coastal activities available. Not only can you soak up the sun while the little ones build sandcastles, but they can snorkel around the coral reef, (with supervision) explore the caves nearby either by wandering with you or with a guided tour or get up close and personal with the elephants. 

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