How to Prepare Children for Telehealth Appointments

How to prepare children for telehealth appointments?

prepare for telehealth appointments

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If you have a child who needs to see a doctor but you can’t get them to a physical office, telehealth may be the answer for you. Telehealth appointments are conducted through video chat, which means your child can see the doctor from the comfort of your home. This is an excellent option for parents who have busy schedules or children who are scared of going to the doctor. This blog post will discuss how to prepare your child for their telehealth appointment:

Talk to your child about the appointment

The more information they have, the less scared they will be. Start by explaining what a telehealth appointment is and why your child needs one. Let them know they will see the doctor on a screen like they would if they were in the office. Be sure to answer questions they may have.

If you’re feeling nervous yourself, talk to your pediatrician or another trusted adult about how best to explain things to your child. Some parents find it helpful to create a picture book with doctors, hospitals, and other medical equipment images. This can help prepare children for what they will see during their appointment.

Prepare a space in your home

You want to make sure that it’s child-friendly and comfortable for both of you. If possible, set up a small table or desk in an area with good lighting so that when your child is on screen, they can see what’s going on around them. If other children are living at home who might interrupt during this time frame. Ask someone else from outside the house if they could sit with them while things occur. Perhaps even get them involved by playing games together. This way everyone gets something out of it, it will also help lessen any anxiety levels and create positive feelings about these types of appointments.

Make sure you have the technology

You will need a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a camera and microphone. So that your doctor can see what’s going on during their consultation. Also, hear anything being said between both parties involved in this interaction. It’s also essential to test out these devices beforehand if possible. This is because there could be issues with sound quality depending on where each other is within reach.

Practice the appointment beforehand

This is especially important if your child has never done a video call before. The best way to do this is by using an app like Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom, like how your telehealth appointment will work. You don’t want any surprises on the day of the appointment. Thus, it’s helpful for you and your child to know what to expect.

Book in advance

Like traditional doctor appointments, it’s always best to book your telehealth appointment well in advance. This will ensure that the date and time work for you and the doctor. Take advantage of the many free online doctor consultation services available to get your questions answered before booking an appointment with a local pediatrician or another medical professional.

Be prepared

Before the appointment, make sure you are ready. This includes having all necessary medical records on hand for your child’s telehealth visit. It may also be helpful to have a list of questions written so that nothing gets forgotten during this time frame.

Have fun

There’s no need for your child to be nervous about their telehealth appointment. Make it a fun experience for them by choosing what they want on the screen backgrounds and stickers. This way there will be plenty of distractions when things get boring during any waiting period. This can help ease anxiety levels and make everything easier.

Follow up

After the appointment, be sure to follow up with your pediatrician about questions you may have. This is a great way to build trust between you and your doctor. Also, understand how future telehealth appointments can work for your family.

Keep records

Keep records of all telehealth appointments. This will help if there are questions that come up later on about what was discussed during these visits. You can also use this information to track your child’s progress.

Final thoughts

The best way to ensure that your child’s telehealth appointment goes smoothly is by preparing them for it ahead of time. By following the tips in this blog post, you can help ease any fears they may have and make the experience less daunting. And remember, if you have questions leading up to or during the appointment, reach out to your pediatrician! They will be more than happy to help.

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