7 Fun Activities To Do On Family Game Night

7 fun activities to do on family game night.

family game night

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Family game night is the perfect time to sit back and relax with your family. Whether you have teens who prefer spending time with their friends or younger kids who never seem to sit still, it’s easy to come up with some activities that everyone will love. Make sure that you have some fun and yummy snacks along with drinks before you start playing. You might grab hot chocolate on a cold winter night or grab a lemonade and soft drinks for summer. No matter what drinks and snacks you choose, check out activities that work for your family. If you’re looking for game ideas, you can visit https://pickerwheel.com to help you decide on your next exciting game night adventure!

Chopped competition

Chopped is a popular television show on Food Network where chefs compete before a panel of judges. They get a basket of ingredients at the beginning of each round and make dishes that use them. The champion is the person who wins the final round. You can easily do the same thing at home. Pick out some ingredients and give each person in your family a set amount of time to come up with a dish. Your whole family can vote on their favorites or you can name one person as the judge.

Snack face

For this fun activity, give each person in your family a fun-size candy bar or a cheese puff. They put the snack on the side of their face and need to use their muscles to try and get it into their mouth. You’ll love watching the way people act and the movements they make while playing this game.

Tournament of champions

If your family has a few games they love playing, why not host a massive tournament of champions? Play each week and keep track of who won. You can assign points based on where your family members finished. Keep a large poster board on hand to keep track of all the points. Play for a month or several weeks and celebrate the winner as the person who earned the most points at the end. Make things even more fun with a trophy for the champion. You can also host rounds where you play different games each week if you worry that your family will get bored of playing the same one.

Noodle doodle

As long as you have paint and dried spaghetti, you’ll have fun with this activity. Each person gets one noodle that they use to draw a picture with the provided paint. The trick is that they can only move the noodle with their mouth. You can also ask that everyone use their opposite hand to draw with the noodle.

Virtual trivia

Hosting family game nights is hard when your family doesn’t live together. You might have a child who lives at college or a spouse who travels for business. With virtual trivia, you can play together when you can’t be in the same room. All you need is access to the internet in each location. Players log in and have the chance to play against each other. You can play team vs team if you have younger family members or worry that some players need more help than others. There are different categories you can choose from too.


Charades is one of those classic games that do not require a board or anything special to play. All you need is some paper and a pen or pencil. Divide your family into teams and give each team the same amount of paper. They write down different things on those papers before you put them all in a bowl. You’ll then take turns with each player acting out what they see on their paper. The goal is to figure out the clue as quickly as possible.

Scavenger hunt

When the weather is nice, head outside for a scavenger hunt in your backyard. You can play as teams or individuals. All players receive a list of things they can find in the yard such as a pinecone and a brown leaf. Give everyone 20-30 minutes to find as many things as they can and award the winner the person or team who finds the most items.

Make family game night anything but boring with some new activities. It’s easy to change these fun activities as needed to make them suitable for everyone in your family.

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