5 Easy Tips When Choosing The Right Rug For Your Living Room

5 easy tips when choosing the right rug for your living room.

right rug for living room

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Choosing interiors for your home may seem like an easy task because you’ll be thinking you know everything you want and need. However, when we are being presented with so many options, it becomes an impossible task to do, especially when we do not have an idea on how to pick the best. We end up picking so many options, even when we are aware it’s such an impractical thing to do so. 

We all know how people become when choosing things for the house. It’s an exciting feeling, and sometimes out of the excitement, we become stuck in between choosing among so many varieties. But there are also times when we buy things for the house that we do not put much thought into, because it is necessary to have them, like rugs! Rugs are something we need every day inside the house as aside from adding to the whole interior aesthetic, it also keeps the floor clean and free from scratches. 

A rug is one of the things that people notice first when entering your home because it is common in the living room, and it accentuates the whole ambiance of the living room. It will help your home look more welcoming and pleasing if you choose a rug that will best match the interior of your living room. From modern rugs to vintage-looking ones, there are just so many options to choose from, so if you are planning to get a new rug, here are six tips we have to help you choose the best rug for your living room: 

Pick a type of rug that will match the needs of your home

Rugs are often seen as additional aesthetics to the house, and while this is true in some way, you have to be aware that not all things solely revolve around aesthetics. You might regret it when you pick a rug just for its design and not look into its quality and function. If you want a beautiful but functional rug, assess your living space first. You could ask yourself these guide questions in choosing what type of rug to get:

  • Who are the ones who always stay in the living room? What are their routines?
  • Do you often get visitors?
  • Where will you place the rug?
  • Do you have children? 
  • Do you keep pets inside the house?

Answering these guide questions can help you decide on what type of rug you should get because you will know what rug style best fits the needs of your living room.

Decide on the colors

Once you know what type of rug you want to get, you can now proceed to the color. If you did not read this, you might have picked a rug based on its color since colors are the most visible quality among materials. Think of the colors you want to see lying on your living room floor and which colors will complement your interiors best. 

Some colors might not be available in the stores you plan to buy from, so pick at least three colors that will match your living room interiors the most. In this way, you will have options just in case the first color is not available. 

Colors also play a crucial role in deciding what will be the ambiance of your living room. If you pick neon colors, it might be too bright and uncomfortable to look at mostly when the sun is high. Pick three colors that will match your living room but keep it neat. 

Choose a size depending on your need

Size matters, even for living room rugs. Measure the area in your living room where you will be placing the rug, so you will not have to guess which size will fit perfectly.

If you will place the rug at the bottom of a table, it is wise to get a size bigger than the table. If you will place the rug beneath your living room set, then get a large rug that will fit your living room furniture just right.

Be bold with patterns

When buying items for the house that is best for accentuating, we often stay away from patterns because they look overwhelming. Pattern designs are meant to overwhelm because they should be paired with underwhelming designs. Patterns also bring life to your living space, as it tends to stand out.

If you don’t know how to mix patterns to your interior, we have a simple guide for you to follow:

  • Pick a pattern that has a similar color to the most dominant color in your living room.
  • Complement simple patterns with complex ones.
  • Be careful with animal prints. Some animal prints look good with other animal prints, while some don’t. If you already have an animal print design in your living room, research first on the type of print that can balance it.
  • Make sure the pattern will provide contrast to your living room’s established color palette.

Choose a durable rug that doesn’t get worked out easily

Your living room rug may get worn out quickly when you have pets and children at home, which can be the reason why you will frequently have to wash it. In choosing a rug, you should not forget to consider the quality. You would want to get a stylish rug but at the same time durable enough for long-term use, since rugs, can be costly depending on their sizes and quality. 


If you’re married and have children already, you’re most likely in charge of keeping your home be as cozy and as welcoming as possible. Even if it’s only about getting the most trivial things inside the house, such as choosing a dishwasher brand or what kind of utensils you need, you have this innate nature to always pick the best for your family. Remember, even if you’re spending on a rug or furniture, both are investments for your family and home. With the wide variety of options, the market provides us with every day, always be a wise buyer in this world full of impulsive buyers.

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