5 Signs It’s Time to Move Out of Your Parents’ House and Build Your Own

When to move out of your parents’ house and build your own?

move out of parents' house

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No one is ever ready to move out of their parents’ house. But there comes a time we need to get off that comfort train and wade through life on our own feet. Besides, how will you learn to be independent, keep a budget, and handle other basic adulting responsibilities? You ought to think about leaving your parents’ house because, in one way or the other, you will eventually take that nerve-wracking step and move out of your parents’ house. If you are still unsure and unwilling to mount off your parents’ wings, here are glaring signs that you need to move out and get your own nest. 

Your parents’ house is suddenly crowded

Have you noticed that you hardly get time or space to be alone in your parents’ house? If that’s the case, it is time to vacate and rent or build your own. Yes, we love our parents but, at times, we desire privacy. When you decide to get your own home, you will enjoy the perks of living alone, deciding on the decor, having your own space, and privacy. You will get to enjoy your own space if you decide to custom-build your home instead of buying or renting one. Custom building your home gives you the power to customize, build a house that reflects your style and personality, and design a home that suits your needs. Beyond your taste and personal preference, you need to think about the structural soundness of your home. Work closely with a custom home builder to access a team of experts, more buying power, and a streamlined building process. Custom home builders provide one point of contact during the building process, making it less stressful. 

A waning social life

If you must relinquish your social life just to be on your parents’ good side, then it’s time to move and get your own home. As an adult, you need to be intentional with friendships and this may mean keeping late nights, going out on weekends, or inviting friends over to your home. You may have problems maintaining long-term relationships because of your living situation. If your name is next to a Saturday night chore it’s time to move out. 

Subtle clues from your parents 

Have you noticed conversions about your future and what you intend to do with your life popping up now and then? Out of nowhere, your parents start leaving the apartment or job ads on the table or fridge. If they have started asking you to pay rent or split the bills, take the clue and give them space. Or the relationship with your parents is turning sour. Do you have to deal with never-ending criticism and nagging just to get by? Don’t let the criticism and nagging weigh you down or make you question your worth. Get away from the mentally draining situation and get your own home. 

You are in good financial standing

List all the expenses you incur and expect to incur if you move out from your parents’ home. Total it up and compare the total expense to your income. If you have more than enough to spare, that is a clear indication that you can wean yourself off from the comfort offered by your parents’ home. Moreover, living by your means gives you financial freedom and may force you to be more mindful of how you spend your money. 

You are hitting 30 and not self-reliant 

You are thirty and you can barely do anything for yourself. If you find it hard to do simple things like preparing yourself a meal, keeping an organized room, or keeping your bathroom clean, then you need to move out of your parents’ nest. Leaping out of a comfortable situation and facing life on your own feet is a great start at being self-reliant. Thinking about bills, being financially literate, and cleaning up after yourself lets you have a different view of life and help you grow. If you have never paid any bill, it is time to get off the bubble. 

Final thoughts 

If you gave a ‘yes’ nod to these signs, it’s time to get your own home. It is normal and okay to be afraid of moving out. Take your time and move when you are mentally ready to be an adult. Remember, moving out is the first step to growing up into a confident, financially literate, and self-reliant adult. 

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