5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Student Housing for Your Freshman

How to find the perfect student housing for your freshman?

perfect student housing

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When it’s time to send your child to college, finding them a place to live can feel intimidating. You are likely looking for the first place they will live as adults without a parent, so it is important to know what is essential before you move your child into a new place. Follow a few simple rules to find the best fit for your child.

Start early

You won’t be the only one looking for a place for your child to live. Since so many students will be venturing out on their own at the same time, it’s important to start looking for student housing as soon as you can. When your child receives an acceptance letter to a school, your search should begin.

You will want to make sure you reach out online to get full details of what is offered at the student housing desired. You also want to visit the student housing you are interested in well before it’s time for your child to leave for school. This gives you plenty of time to see what the real version of a place looks like instead of just relying on photos posted on the internet.

Consider proximity

Though your child will likely avoid them, there will be times when early morning classes are a must. That’s when living close to the school is a lifesaver.

Proximity is a major factor when you’re seeking student housing for your child. For example, living in Waterloo means being close to more than one school. You want to make sure their commute to school is as short as possible, and it’s even better if they can walk or bike to avoid parking issues. It’s also much easier for your child to get to know other students and feel a part of the college atmosphere when housing is close to the college.

Adjusting to life without parents to help is hard enough, so living close to the school is an obvious convenience that can help your child stay focused and calm that first year of adult life.

Decide on furnishings

Moving is difficult because of how much is needed to furnish a place. Unfortunately, most students don’t even end up wanting the college furniture to follow them to their adult lives since styles change. That’s why it’s important to find out what student housing has to offer when it comes to furnishings.

Some student housing comes fully furnished. This means you don’t have to move heavy furniture from one place to another. It also means you save money on furnishings. Your child can add their personality to the place with accessories, but the big items will already be waiting.

Know what’s included

Moving into student housing means your child will be handling bills independently for the first time. To give your child an easy head start, choose student housing with some basics already included. This will mean fewer bills to pay and less stress when it’s time to budget.

You can find wonderful locations where water, heat, and internet are already included in the cost of the rent. They are also already set up when your child arrives, so there is no hassling with companies to get things turned on or transferred to the proper name.

Having on-site laundry is also a perk that many students enjoy. Going to an offsite laundromat in between classes is time-consuming, so it’s better to pick a place where these daily chores can be accomplished in the building.


Your child will want to have choices when it comes to student housing, and there are places that offer many. Different floorplans allow your child to pick a style that fits their specific needs. Having roommates means choosing a floorplan that accommodates everyone and still offers some semblance of privacy. Make sure your child knows their budget for student housing so they can choose accordingly.

It’s also good to find a location that is close to public transportation so your child can explore. Though plenty of time will be spent at school and studying, it’s still good to have a home that offers easy access to public transportation or local entertainment.

Student housing that offers your child access to more than one college is also great. Your child can meet students from other campuses and form relationships with people who aren’t in their regular circle.

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