5 Benefits of Exercise for Seniors and Aging Adults

What are the benefits of exercise for seniors and aging adults?

benefits of exercise for seniors

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When it comes to exercise, most people will think it involves only youths and young adults. It is a general opinion that as people get older, they begin to focus more on more pressing life issues and exercise does not matter anymore. In truth, this opinion is fictitious and unhelpful at best. The older you grow, the more important it is for you to exercise your body. Exercise enhances your cardiovascular health, makes you stronger, reduces stress, and helps you sleep better. All of these qualities – cardiovascular health, physical strength, quality sleep, and so on – become more difficult to get when you become a senior citizen. This is why exercise is very essential for adults who want to live a quality life. The advantages of exercise in senior and aging adults are numerous and this article addresses five of these benefits.

  • Disease prevention

There are a lot of medical conditions that are more common in senior citizens and aging adults; conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. and these issues can be avoided by performing regular exercise. As you grow older, your immune system begins to get weaker and the body becomes more susceptible to diseases. You must pay attention to your diet and your exercise routine in order to keep your immune system in check. Your diet could use some supplements, such as sugar-free vitamins for all the nutrients you need. You can strengthen your immune system to help you fight diseases by committing to an exercise routine and a healthy diet. You do not have to carry heavy weights to do this. Activities as light as walking can help you get the job done. With exercise, you can keep your weight in check, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol level, and prevent arthritis. Exercise can reduce your risk of getting cancer and prolong your life if you already have it.

  • Physical strength

Physical strength is another body function that depletes when you begin to age as an adult. Your flexibility and balance begin to lose touch and you are no longer as active as you used to be when you were younger. At this point, you become unable to control yourself in any environment you find yourself and you can easily fall. A lot of adults have fractured their hips after taking a serious fall. Being a senior citizen makes you more dependable on the people and things around you, but this can be avoided with exercise. Exercise with the right equipment gives you more balance and coordination which allows you to do whatever you want without having to hold something or call on someone for help. Osteoporosis, a bone disease that increases your chances of getting a fracture, as well as other bone diseases, can be prevented by doing regular exercise. 

  • Socialization

Exercise can become a social function when you meet people who share the same interest as you. As aging adults, you can join a walking group where you can interact with people while walking. You can also enroll in a fitness class where you get to use gym products that you need to help you exercise. You should get good use of a spinning bike for your cardio exercises. Gym products make these exercises easier because you can adjust the level of the exercise to your strength. Exercising with people will keep you motivated and help you avoid being lonely or depressed. Also, the company that you get will compel you to love exercising and assist you to stay consistent. 

  • Mental health

As people grow older, physical strength is not the only aspect of their health that weakens. Their mental health also suffers. Alzheimer’s disease, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, and other forms of dementia are more prominent in people above the age of 60. This disease affects our motor skills but with regular exercise, you can preserve these motor skills and save your cognitive function. The results of the exercise begin to reflect as soon as you start so it is never too late to start. 

  • Quality life

As humans, we should always strive to make sure that the rest of our life is the best of our life. Moreover, everybody desires to lead a happy and stress-free life and when you exercise, your body releases endorphins that make you feel good and reduce stress. Exercising also helps you sleep better. Overall, exercise can help you increase your lifespan in the long run. 

Final word

Exercise is a medicine and as beneficial as exercise can be to the body, it comes at no cost. It is not a stressful activity because it helps to reduce stress and it is not a boring activity because it elevates your mood. As a medicine, regular exercise has no prescriptions or side effects. You can take a 5-minute walk today and do a 30-minutes walk tomorrow. The important thing is that you should exercise your body regularly. However, if you have any medical condition, you should talk to your health service provider before you start any exercise routine.

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