6 Handmade Gift Ideas For This Year’s Valentine

6 handmade gifts ideas for this year’s Valentine.

handmade gifts ideas

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As Valentine’s day fast approaches, you have probably started looking for gift ideas for your loved ones. Have you ever considered a handmade gift? There is a high possibility that your loved one would like to receive a well-thought hand made gift. These gifts show that you put some soul into them, and it is something you truly wanted them to have.

Remember, you don’t have to be an expert in making handmade gifts to make one. Several guides exist to help you achieve the gift you visualized. If you want to do things a little differently this year, here are six handmade gift ideas for this year’s valentine.

Handmade jewelry

While walking into your favorite jewelry store and getting your partner ready-made jewelry sounds like a good idea. Investing in handmade sunset jewelry can go a long way in making them feel special. Foterra Jewelry gives you a chance to choose the jewelry of your choice, and then they can incorporate a sunset image into them. 

You can choose a necklace, earring, ring, bracelet, and many more. The good thing is that the company gives you a chance to work closely with them. They will consider each of your ideas, and the result is that your loved one ends up with a gift they can truly appreciate.

Heart-shaped decor

Does your partner appreciate some home or office decor? Is this something you have thought about giving them at some point? Valentine is the best time to put this idea into action. Using a rectangle or square wood base, paper board, scissors, your partner’s favorite color, glue, and a paintbrush, you can make the decor. 

The materials are readily available in your local store. You can start by cutting out the paperboard in a heart shape, painting it, and placing it on the board using glue. There are several guides online on how to create a heart-shaped decor. Creation will require some of your precious time but count this as time well spent.

Up-cycling glass jars

Do you have old glass jars in your home? Valentine can be the best time to put them to use and make candle jars for your partner or loved ones. All you need is a vintage lace and your glass jar. Vintage laces are readily available and can be bought from your local store or online. 

Creating the candle jar is as easy as wrapping the vintage cloth around the glass jar. The end product is a beautiful vintage votive that can work as a home decor item which is a good valentine’s handmade gift.

Custom-made memory box

A relationship is an intimate setting where memories are significant. As your relationship thrives, you will realize that this might have been the best valentine’s gift idea you ever made. A memory box is easy to make as even a shoebox can come in handy in creating one. 

A memory box is perfect where the relationship is long-term. To spice some things up, you can paint the box with a color of your choice and put some glitter on it to make it more beautiful.

Heart-shaped photo banner

Photo banners are perfect handmade valentine’s gifts. The best way to make this banner is to make a collection of your partner’s or loved one’s photos and create heart shapes for the photos. You can use scissors to do this. 

If you don’t have confidence that you can make a precise cutout, ask for help or use a heart-shaped object to assist you in making a perfect heart shape cut. A photo banner is a chance for you to express your love in the simplest but most thoughtful way possible.

Tye and dye T-shirt

Have you ever heard about tye and dye? Well, this valentine’s would be the perfect time to use this century-long clothes painting technique finally. Cotton is the best fabric to use with tye and dye. 

Get that plain white cotton t-shirt you have been eyeing and work to create a beautiful piece of art. Tye and dye tutorials are readily available online, and they are easy to follow. Additionally, this is a fun thing to do as well.

Final thoughts

Buying manufactured gifts is a cliche practice that almost everyone engages in. Going the handmade way makes you unique and puts your creative side to the test. You can as well consult with family and friends on the best ideas.

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