Hobbies That Will Get Your Kids Outside More Often

Hobbies that will get your kids outside more often.

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If you ask older adults about the hobbies and activities they enjoyed as children, they’ll likely say that a significant amount of their childhoods were spent outside. This is drastically different from the way most kids grow up today. With the advancement of technology and the recent years that require us to stay indoors more, many children are not outside nearly as much as the children in previous generations.

If you want to make sure your children learn to appreciate the great outdoors, here are some hobbies that will allow your kids to get some fresh air.


If your children express an interest in growing their own food, you can start a small garden in your front or backyard. Start with food that is easy to grow, such as fresh herbs or tomatoes. The process of gardening will teach your children about the life cycle of plants and will give them a sense of responsibility as they monitor the plant and care for it so it can reach its full potential.

Nature hikes

Getting outside and taking in the fresh air has several mental and physical benefits. You can make your family walks more interesting by taking your kids on a nature hike. You can select a theme for the outdoor walk, such as helping your children to recognize the leaves from different trees or the flowers that grow naturally in your area. It’s a good idea to take lots of pictures on your nature hike so you can continue reviewing the information you’ve learned on your walk and be reminded of fond family memories.

Playing for a sports team

Being part of a team has several psychological benefits for children. Find the sports your kids are interested in and see if their school or your local community center offers a team for that sport. Playing with other children who have a similar interest teaches children how to work well with others to achieve a common goal. Physical activity is also healthy for children and can help them avoid certain health conditions in the future.

Dirt biking

Bike riding is a vintage outdoor activity that never goes out of style, and you can make this outdoor hobby even more exciting by going dirt biking. Your kids will have loads of fun riding dirt bikes like the Coolster 70cc as they navigate an outdoor course. This activity teaches coordination and enhances motor skills. You can even have a fun family race to encourage some friendly competition.


Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt. To participate in this activity, you’ll get a set of GPS coordinates and you and your kids will need to find the geocache or container filled with the treasure that is hidden at the specified location. You and your children can have lots of fun working together and using the clues that are presented to you to look for the treasure.

You can walk to the secret location or take your trek on a bicycle. This activity focuses on a variety of activities like digging, climbing, and critical thinking. Your kids will also learn how to enhance their motor skills and use teamwork to accomplish the goal of finding the hidden object. This outdoor hobby can encourage family bonding time and encourage everyone to be more physically active.

Roller skating or skateboarding

These activities were much more common in decades past, but you can still introduce skating or skateboarding to your kids if they’re looking for something fun to do. Since many of us have to be home for extended periods of time, getting the kids outside and teaching them how to skate or use a skateboard can serve as an activity everyone in the house can enjoy. Your children will likely improve their coordination with these activities, and you can even have an outdoor skate party by playing your kids’ favorite songs as they enhance their skating skills.


These are just a few of the hobbies that will make your kids more excited to spend time outdoors. The more physically active your children are, the more their confidence will increase, along with their mental and physical agility. Outdoor activities will also give you the opportunity to spend more quality time together as a family.

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