5 Fun Projects to Try with Your Kids at Home

5 fun projects to try with your kids at home.

fun projects with kids

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Covid-19 has affected people’s lives and their usual activities. These days, it may be impossible to take the playful and spirited children out for enjoyable projects. Often, you find yourself indoors with the young ones and have to find activities they can enjoy to avoid boredom which may lead to too much mischief. You may also decide to stay indoors because of bad weather, which can’t allow children to spend time outdoors.

One of your children may be unwell, and you remain indoors to check on them. Since kids’ concentration rate is shallow, you have to find various activities to keep them engaged for extended durations. The tasks you choose should be relaxing and fun-filled. Find below the five indoor fun projects you should consider for your young ones.

You can build a nest in the house

Almost all kids below ten years love building nests and playing in them. Some adults also love the activity, especially leisurely with their peers. Therefore, the project is not only for children, and you’ll also enjoy it as you guide your kids. The activity involves choosing the items to use, finding out where to get the materials, and deciding who will get into the nest first, among other issues.

The young ones can create roles filled with fun for each to enjoy. They may also go into the den with their playthings for an exciting experience. You can use a large sheet to cover a wooden or plastic table or chairs to make a spacious nest in the house for all of you can fit.

You may use four chairs to make a specious nest by putting the large sheet on their backrests. Then put some cushions in the den and choose some fun activities you can do with the young ones.

DIY woodshop crafts

You can teach your children how to assemble woodshop items that they’ll use to put things in or just keep for decoration around their rooms. It will help you and your young ones have fun as you build something meaningful, making them feel more grown-up. Guide them into collecting everything they will need for the project before starting. You as a mom can even use this time to do some of your own DIY crafts for your home. Find the best woodworking supplies to get started. 

The paper chase game

Draw a map of your house and hide some small items for the children to locate. Then, mark all the pieces of the hidden objects on the map. Demonstrate to your child how they will find the items and help the young ones who may not understand the paper chase game.

If your children are old enough to understand the game, use cryptic statements to give them an idea of where you have hidden the items. After they find the objects, let them plan their game. They can then ask you the questions as you look for the things. You will all end up having a lot of fun.

Let your children play with water

If you don’t mind wiping some water from a room, place a thick piece of cloth on the floor and put a small basin or bowl full of water on it. Let your young ones sit in the bath with their toys, play fishing games, or do other water activities that you can think of. However, avoid leaving the young ones alone as they play with the water for their safety and because it can mess up the room or damage essential items. 

Creative artwork

Find a sizeable plain piece of paper for this activity. You may also stick A4 size pieces of paper together. Place the large piece on a big table or floor and let your child lie on it. Then use a pen to draw their body frame. Leave the children to show creativity through coloring, adding things such as colored papers or beads on the drawing. They may also design clothes from art papers or old garments. You may then use the final products of the artwork to beautify their rooms.

Final thoughts

As a parent or guardian, you’ll always have time when your kids can’t go out for fun activities due to one reason or the other. You’ll need to have ideas of things you can do with your kids from the house to keep them engaged and happy. The above are five of the best fun projects you can try with your children the next time you spend the time indoors.

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