7 Outdoor Renovations To Try During This Pandemic

7 outdoor renovations to try during this pandemic.

outdoor renovations to try

Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash

Going to the mall to watch at the cinemas or eating in restaurants are fun ways to enjoy weekends with your family. But because of the covid-19 restrictions, regular hangout places are almost impossible to visit nowadays. Good thing we have several ways to enjoy family time without risking exposure at hangout places, right in the comfort of your backyard. You can build an outdoor movie screen to enjoy with the kids on movie nights; you can set up your DIY greenhouse; you can make a mini pond – the possibilities are limitless if you let your imagination and creativity run free! 

To help you get started, here are seven outdoor renovations you can try during a pandemic:

Make your own fairy garden

Buying plants has become a trend ever since the pandemic began, which is why gardening is a great hobby to hop into when you’re mostly at home. You can plant vegetables to have fresh produce every season and some flowers you can eventually use as gifts to loved ones on their birthdays. Having more greens at your home give it a more refreshing vibe.

While you’re at it, you can also add some stone paths to your backyard that will lead to your garden, then add a few details like a trellis, some fairy lights, DIY fairy houses, and voila! It will make the perfect spot to take photoshoots at your house. 

Set up an outdoor movie screen

Movie nights are one of the best ways to spend time with your family. Since it’s unsafe to go to the cinemas, you can create your home-cinema in your backyard. You only need a white screen, a movie projector, some bean bags, blankets, rags, popcorns, and you’re good to go. 

Another good thing about setting up a home cinema is you’ll have the freedom to do it anytime you want because it’s just at the back of your house! No need to wait for the weekends to come for movie nights!

Set up camping tents

Kids love the idea of camping because of the thrill that comes with it, so why not try it in your backyard? You don’t need to go into the woods to “camp”; you can do it by setting up tents and a mini bonfire to cook marshmallows while telling stories. It will be a fun and creative way to enjoy family time without constantly worrying about large insects and wild animals!

Create a mini pond

Digging a hole on the ground to make a pond sounds excruciatingly tiring, but hey, it’s worth it. Did you know that having a pond can become an attractive asset to your property because it adds value to your land with the many things you can get from it? Things such as livelihood and hobby. 

When you’re not sure yet on what business venture to start, you can always try selling fish. 

Plant more flowers on your front porch

Home renovations don’t have to be necessarily extravagant. You can improve the look of your front porch by just adding flowers to make your entry look more inviting and homey. Flowers can also accentuate the overall exterior design of your house, making it look like something’s new when all you did was add more flowers on your front porch.

Repaint your exterior

Another budget-friendly way to do outdoor renovations is repainting the exterior of your house. You can repaint the fences, doors, windows, and front porch. Repainting can brighten the facade of your home and make your exterior look fresh and new again. Repainting will also bring back the life of your exterior without having to spend on massive renovations.

Another advantage of repainting your house is helping in sealing out moisture, which can reduce the excess weight that can damage the structural integrity of your home because of the stress that comes with the weight of all the moistures.

Freshly-painted exteriors also increase the value of your house, which is helpful if you plan to sell your property someday.

Put up a porch swing

Putting up a porch swing will enhance the exterior appeal of your house, creating a more fresh and comforting space for neighbors and family members. There are a lot of DIY guides in making a front porch swing, and what is good about it is you can reuse materials to enhance the look after finishing the structure of the swing.

Outdoor renovations during the pandemic could also be a form of family bonding. You can remodel some parts of your house, and at the same time, enjoy the process with your family. 

The most exciting part about it comes after the process. Imagine how nice would it be to be back after a long day and indulge in some outdoor activities with your family without having to spend and leave the comfort of your home.

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