4 Ways to Preserve Childhood Memories Through Fun

How to preserve childhood memories through fun?

preserve childhood memories
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Childhood is a wonderful time for most of us, full of fun and exciting memories. These could be anything from birthday parties, family vacations, trips to the zoo, or even a simple picnic in the park.

Unfortunately, for many people, these childhood memories will fade over time as new memories in their life are created. Thankfully, there are some ways to preserve these childhood memories. Not only that, but many of these methods can also be a lot of fun to do. Without any further ado, this article is going to go over some fun ways to preserve important childhood memories.

Do it with drawing or painting

Drawing or painting can be a lovely way to preserve memories while having fun at the same time. These can be kept for years, and when seen in the future can instantly bring you back to childhood. You or your child can draw just about anything, and viewing it in the future will transport your mind right back to when it was drawn. As for what you draw or paint, it could be anything from a family picture to a drawing of your home.

If you want these memories to truly live on in perpetuity, getting a custom painting on canvas made by a professional can be a good idea. This could be of your pet, a portrait, or anything else you never want to forget over time.

Make a scrapbook

Scrapbooking is another great option that has become a little more uncommon as newer and more modern approaches have come about. However, for our money, making a scrapbook is still one of the best.

It involves simply cutting and pasting a variety of photos and pictures from childhood into a large book. In addition to pictures, you can also add concert tickets, school report cards, pictures your child has drawn, and anything else you can think of.

The act of creating the scrapbook can be a fun project for you and your child, and they will surely be appreciative when they look back at the creation in the future. Of course, be sure to do all you can to make sure you are preserving your scrapbook well, to ensure it doesn’t get damaged.

Take some photos or videos

If you want to take a more modern approach to preserve memories, taking some photos and videos is perhaps your best bet. These can allow your children to not only remember their big moments as a child but see them in their entirety.

You can also allow your child to take some photos or capture some videos to include, as well. It is easier than ever to capture special moments like the first day of school, the first soccer game, and other moments, so make sure you do it, as your child will be happy to relive those days sometime in the future.

Make sure to store these on a computer or USB stick somewhere, to ensure they are always safe and never lost. These photos and videos can easily be shared and watched all over the world. So no matter where your child ends up, you can be sure it remains easy to send them memories of their childhood.

Create a time capsule

Another great way to ensure childhood memories are not lost or forgotten is by creating a time capsule. This can be a fun experiment to preserve many of your child’s favorite things, and then open it many years down the road, and have the memories of childhood rush back.

As far as what you should include in a time capsule, there are dozens of options. You could add some photos, a favorite toy, some school work, a sports trophy, a note to their future selves, or anything you think would be special to open in the future.

Once the capsule is built, you and your child should decide on how many years in the future it should be opened. It could be once they turn 18, once they move out of your home, or any other milestone that you agree on. Either way, opening it will be a very fun experience and will ensure even small memories are never forgotten about or missed.

In conclusion, these are some great and fun ways to preserve those happy and cheerful childhood moments.

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