7 Fun Art Activities to Do with Your Children

7 fun art activities to do with your children.

fun art activities

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There are a lot of benefits your kids can gain from participating in art activities. Art can help encourage self-expression and develop problem-solving skills. It also helps to improve motor skills, increase concentration and develop patience. You will encourage their creativity and get them the supplies they require. Here are seven fun art activities to do with your children.

Handmade tiles

This art activity involves using the sun and a few basic materials. You will need a half cup of flour and water, three-quarters cup salt, a mixing bowl, a mixing spoon, a rolling pin, a sheet tray paintbrushes, and acrylic paint. You can use rubber stamps, cutter cutters, or other small objects for decorations.

Pour the flour, water, and salt into the mixing bowl and knead it for about a minute or two. To create a tile, you need to cut a section of the dough and roll it into a square on a dusted countertop. Using your decorative items, either rubber stamps, or die-cut stickers, make impressions in the dough. You can also use a pencil to add more details. After decorating, put the tile in direct sunlight and let it dry for some time. Ensure you check the tile from time to time to see the changes and then turn it on the other side. You can use acrylic paint to color the tiles once it has dried.

Craft stick barn

You will require paint, craft sticks, and glue for this fun art activity. To start, paint nine craft sticks red, six craft sticks white, and four small craft sticks white. Leave them to dry and get a piece of card stock and let your child draw sky and grass.

Glue two red sticks vertically, then add five red sticks, one white stick, and two red sticks. Make the frame using two white sticks horizontally, then top and bottom. Use the small craft sticks to make the barn’s roof and color it using markers or red crayons.

Coffee filter art

In this art project, you will make paper glass from coffee filters. Start by trimming uneven edges on the coffee filter using a pair of scissors. Make spots and lines on the filter using a non-permanent marker. Take a plastic container, turn it over, and place the coffee filter on it. The colors will fuse and then allow the filter to dry.

Raised salt painting

This is a fun art activity to perform with your children to have a fun time and improve their creativity. You will require Epson salt, glue, paper plates, pencil, drawing paper, and food colors in varied colors. Place the Epsom salt on a paper plate, and then add drops of food color and mix. Do this using the different colors available. Your child can draw patterns and shapes on the drawing paper. Glue the designs, apply colored salt to all places with glue and let it dry.

Marble painting

For marble painting, you will need drawing paper, watercolor, and some marbles. Let your child dip the marbles in the paint and draw shapes on the drawing paper. Encourage your child to draw various patterns and shapes by holding the marbles between the fingers.

Drawing with oil and pastel

Drawing with oil and pastel is refreshing and fun for you and your children. You will need drawing paper, oil pastels, baby oil, and cotton buds. Encourage your child to draw his favorite shapes or characters using the oil pastels on the drawing paper. Using a cotton bud to apply baby oil to the drawing will give it a subtle paint-like effect and make it appear vibrant.

Simple silhouette

Have fun by having your child recreate their own silhouette. You will need a camera, printer, glue, a pair of scissors, and fabric card stock. Take a picture of your child from the side and print it in black and white. Take the photograph, put it against the black paper, and cut it around the head and shoulders. Glue the cut out on the card stock and add a frame.

Art activities are fun and can help your children feel good after completing an art project. Joining your children to do art activities gives you a chance to spend quality time and bond. You can try any of these activities with your child and explore their creative and adventurous spirit.

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