5 Reasons Eating Organic Apples Keeps You Healthy

How eating organic apples keeps you healthy?

eating organic apples

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Apples are not only tasty and nutritious but also packed with some amazing compounds good for the health. They may not be officially the “king of fruits” but come close, nonetheless, on the back of health benefits they provide. And yes, don’t forget, eating them daily can keep the doctor away!

More so, not only are apples exceptionally healthy but also deliver research-backed benefits. From carbs to fiber, vitamin C to potassium, vitamin K to manganese to copper, they have it all to become a kind of fruit with virtually all the nutrients required to keep the body healthy. 

What’s more, apples also give a feeling of fullness and positively affect most body parts in one way or another. From the brain to belly, from teeth to heart, from bone to skin, they are healthy for them all.

However, to get the most out of apples, eat them with the skin on and have the maximum fiber and the many polyphenols. And always go for the organic variety, as the conventional ones have pesticides and could harm your body greatly.  

Clearly, you have plenty of reasons to include apples in your daily diet and keep yourself healthy. 

Here are 5 ways in which eating organic apples can keep you always healthy.

Good for weight loss

Apples are good for weight loss. Studies have dwelled deep on this subject in the past and found substantial evidence to claim its utility in curbing weight. Plus, the fiber and water in them make them filling, and less energy-dense. Eating apples thus makes you feel fuller and you consume fewer calories afterward.  

If you eat on a regular basis, it could help you lose weight and this has been proved time and again. Even if they deliver less energy, their fiber and volume make up for the loss and contribute towards the weight loss target.

Promote heart health 

Research has shown how eating apples on a regular basis can lower the risk of heart disease. The soluble fiber found in this fruit can lower blood cholesterol levels while the polyphenols deliver antioxidant effects. The flavonoids – one of the polyphenols, are also responsible for lowering the risk of stroke. 

If you want to keep your heart healthy, eat an apple a day. You will thus get soluble fiber which helps lower cholesterol. You also minimize the risk of strokes and get on with healthy life. So, eat healthily and live healthily.

Help fight asthma

If apples are in your regular diet, they could help you fight asthma. In fact, this fruit is rich in antioxidants which is good for the skin and can also protect the lungs from oxidative damages. You can minimize the risk of asthma simply by eating more apples daily.  

More so, apples also help in regulating the immune system and reducing inflammation. Both these contribute a lot to asthma. Its compounds are known to regular immune responses to keep allergic reactions to a low level and this is how asthma is controlled.  

Beneficial for bone health  

Studies have long confirmed how eating fruits can ensure higher bone density which indicates bone health. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds in apples can thus help keep your bone strong and healthy. Maybe, that’s why doctors urge us all to eat more apples daily to stay fit and healthy.  

More so, eating apples regularly can help you lose less calcium from the bodies and this is how bone health is maintained. You should thus eat apples and take the right diet to preserve bone mass with age.

Healthier, whiter teeth

Eating apples can help you get healthier and whiter teeth. In fact, apples work as nature’s toothbrush and scrub away plaque and bacteria, and stains from your teeth easily. The malic acid found in it works as a whitener, so your teeth can become whiter and brighter.  

With an apple a day, you will definitely minimize the risk of tooth decay. With bacteria washed away, you may never need a tooth cavity treatment for sure. This is how apples help you maintain dental health and you must include them in your daily diet. 

So, eat an apple a day with no worry in the world and stay healthy in the easiest way possible! 

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