18 Cute Themes for Your Newborn’s Photoshoot

18 cute themes for your newborn’s photoshoot.

newborn's photoshoot

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Having a newborn is an exciting time in your life. There are a lot of things that may stress you out about having a newborn. However, one thing that should not stress you out is the theme for your newborn’s photoshoot. This article will give you 18 fun and cute themes that you can use for your newborn’s photoshoot when that day comes.

The yawn

A series of pictures of your baby yawning can be cute photos. Capturing a natural moment of your child could be great in different backdrops and settings.

The frog

The frog is a pose where your child is laying on their stomach and places their hand under their chin with their elbows on the floor. This could be a great picture to recreate when your child is older to compare to the newborn photos.

Special delivery

The special delivery photoshoot is the idea that your child was delivered to you. You can take pictures as if your child was delivered to your doorstep.

Felt board

The felt board theme is the idea that your child is lying next to a felt board. The felt board would include the name of your child, and it could also include your child’s birthdate and any nicknames.


The basket theme is the idea that there are various pictures of your child taken in a basket. The basket can be any type of basket you wish, and you can have your child do various poses while in the basket.


The mirror theme can be a great way to get cute pictures of your newborn. A mirror might elicit a reaction out of your newborn that you might not get otherwise. The sight of themselves in the mirror might make them smile or at least make them make cute faces.

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The tub theme can be a fun theme for your newborn. You can make it appear as if you are bathing your newborn and take pictures of them and their reaction. You could even pour a small amount of water on them and see what their reaction is for the camera. You could take these fun photos at home, or you may enlist the help of a photographer in a professional studio. You can simply search online for an Austin newborn photographer if you’re in the Texas area or just search for one in your location.


If your child was born close to a holiday, then you could theme it around that holiday. For example, if your child was born around Halloween, then you can dress them up in cute costumes for the photos.


If your family has any pets, then you can take pictures of your newborn with the pets. You can have your child pose next to the pet.


If your newborn has any siblings, then you can have them pose with their siblings for a cute family photo.


If you are a fan of Disney, then you can dress them up as cute Disney characters. Those pictures can be fun to reference as your child grows older.


If you like a particular sport, then you can have your child pose with the equipment for that sport. Have your child dress up as a football player or have them hold a ball.


If your newborn is a girl, then you can dress her up as a princess. This is a cute theme and little girls are often referred to as “princesses”.


You can theme the photoshoot around a specific color. Traditionally, if your child is a boy, then you can have a blue photoshoot. If your child is a girl, then you can have a pink photoshoot.


Depending on when your child is born, you can theme the photoshoot around the season that they were born in.

Silly outfits

Silly outfits can be a lighthearted theme for your newborn. You also may be able to recreate the photos when your child is older.


If your baby is breastfed, you can take pictures of your newborn being breastfed to show the intimate bond between a mother and her child.

Hospital pictures

You could have a photographer take pictures at the hospital. Also, you can try to recreate the hospital settings and take pictures as if your child was just born.


There are other photoshoot options that you can choose from. However, these are common themes that can help get your imagination rolling. This will hopefully help eliminate some stress from your life by having a theme planned for your newborn’s photoshoot when your baby arrives.

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