Fun Things to Do With a Big Yard If You Have Kids

What to do with a big yard if you have kids?

big yard and kids

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If you’ve got a big yard, you’ve probably thought about how to use it. You and your kids could have a ton of fun out there. You could even teach them how to maintain it, too. Here are a few ways you and your family can enjoy your yard this year.

Build a treehouse

If you had a treehouse growing up, you’ve got a ton of great memories. Even building the treehouse can be quite memorable. Take your kids outside and show them how to make one. You’ll be surprised at how much fun they think it all is. Just pick a sturdy tree in the backyard. Then, put a few beams on it. This will be the base of the treehouse.

After you’ve done that, install some flooring. Make sure it’s sturdy enough to hold you, too. Add a few walls to the floors after you’ve placed them. Finally, you can put a roof up to enclose the whole space. Try installing a rope ladder, so the kids can climb up. Make sure everything is well secured. That way, it’ll be safe for them to play on.

Rent a bounce castle

You might not be able to make it a permanent feature, but bounce castles are always fun. Rent one of them for a few hours. It might be best to wait until one of the kid’s birthdays. However, it can be fun regardless of the day. Renting a bounce castle doesn’t cost a fortune, either. Don’t forget to spend some time out there with them, too. Bouncing around is great cardio, even for adults. So, get a little exercise while having fun with the family.

Teach them about landscaping

Show them how to install artificial grass. Artificial turf doesn’t take as much maintenance as a traditional lawn. And, having artificial grass in Providence or wherever you may live will boost your property value, too. Most of the time, kids love learning how to do new things. Make it fun for them by showing them how it all works. Then, you can show them how to trim up the hedges as well. Finally, you could get them to help you plant a new flower bed. They’ll love working outside with you on the lawn.

Put out a slip-n-slide

During the summer, nothing feels better than sliding down a slip-n-slide. These don’t cost a whole lot, but they’re tons of fun. Use a little dish soap to lube them up, too. That way, your kids will go flying down them. Make it a race to see who can go the fastest. Make them go one by one. And, use a timer to see how fast they’re sliding down it. Give a prize to whoever completes the slide in the least amount of time. Kids love competing.

Play some cornhole

You could play some cornhole with them, too. You’ve just got to cut a hole into a p. Then, get a few beanbags together. After that, you’ll be ready to play. Each team throws their bags at the board one at a time. If the bag lands on the board, it counts as 1 point. If it goes through the hole, it counts as 3 points. Tally up the score after everyone throws their bags.

Install a horseshoe ring

Horseshoes is another fun yard game. Plus, it doesn’t take a whole lot of equipment, either. You just need a steel rod and a few horseshoes. Stick the rod into the ground, so it stays in place. Then, toss the horseshoe at it. If the horseshoe leans against it, then you’ve won 2 points. If it circles the post, then you’ve won 5 points. If it only touches the post, then you’ve got 1 point. Each person should toss a horseshoe at the post 3 times. Then, see who scored the most points.

Have fun with your big yard

Using your imagination is the best way to have a good time in the backyard. You could even come up with your own games. Children love creating the rules for a new game. Or, you could use some of our ideas. Either way, the kids will have a great time.

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