What to Consider When Moving With Kids

What to consider when moving with kids?

moving with kids

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People often move to get closer to loved ones or advance in their careers. Even though it’s the best decision for your family, your children might not understand why it’s necessary or how they can help. Here’s how to move when you have kids so they don’t feel like their lives are out of control. By including them in every step of the process, your family will have an easier time relocating and settling into your new house.

Explain why they have to move

Preparing for a move with kids starts long before you ever purchase moving boxes. First, you should sit everyone around the dinner table or in the living room and explain why you must move. They might not grasp the importance of advancing your career or becoming more financially secure, so prepare to handle their anxieties after breaking the news.

Kids might worry about never seeing their friends again or feeling isolated in a new town. Parents can always learn to recognize anxiety symptoms like anger and restlessness to determine the best course of action. Spending more one-on-one time or providing resources like establishing weekly video chats with their pals are a few ways to directly address their fears and make the move less difficult for them.

Research local therapists

Sometimes moving becomes a traumatic experience that triggers an anxiety disorder in children. If you notice them displaying daily symptoms, research therapists in your future hometown. Parents often overlook this step when reading about what to consider when moving with kids, but it’s vital. Weekly meetings with a therapist will help them process the many changes they can’t grapple with and give them tools to embrace their new life.

Create a family to-do list

Grownups make moving possible, so kids may feel powerless as their lives turn upside down. Creating a family to-do list will give them more agency over a situation where they have little to no influence. Ask them to help organize their moving boxes or pick out decorations for their new rooms. Minor tasks could help them accept change and have less fear about the upcoming move.

Disinfect your new home

Creating a healthy environment in your new house is part of preparing for a move with kids. If you live close enough to your future home, stop by to clean it before everyone moves in. Simple steps like disinfecting surfaces and deep-cleaning carpets reduce exposure to viruses left behind by previous owners or construction crews that could make everyone sick right after unpacking everything.

Plan their overnight necessities

Overnight bags are another part of what to consider when moving with kids. You might have to spend a few days driving or flying to reach your destination. They’ll need bags with overnight necessities like pajamas and shower supplies. Avoid packing these things in boxes before your move-out day. It helps to write lists for each child so you can check off everything as you fill their suitcases.

Consider car entertainment bags

Your kids may have to spend hours in the car as you drive to your new home. They’ll quickly get bored of games like I Spy or singing to their favorite songs on the radio. Have a backup plan ready by making road trip goodie bags that can also ease their anxiety.

Mini coloring books, handheld games, and snacks are just a few of the ways to make your move less scary for little kids. Hand the bags out before leaving home or when you reach the halfway point in your drive to provide a bit of happiness even if they’re nervous.

Prepare for moving with kids

Anyone who wants to learn how to move when you have kids will feel much more prepared after reading tips like these. See how your children react to the news of your move and watch how they handle it to pick the most direct ways to help them process and enjoy this phase in your lives.

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