12 Smart Ways to Keeps Pests Out of Your Home

How to keep pests out of your home?

keeps pests out of home

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During the winter, pests will try to find ways to enter your home. These creatures are inconvenient and can even damage your wooden structures. Here are 12 tips to keep pests out of your home. 

Trim your landscaping 

Trim any trees or shrubbery touching your home. The branches can act like bridges giving bugs an easy entry point to the inside. Also, reduce the amount of mulch you use in your garden. Instead try alternative ground covers, such as rocks or gravel. Soil is an ideal hiding spot for pests. So, plant your garden away from your property’s foundation. 

Seal any gaps or cracks

Pests can enter through tiny openings in your doors and windows. Regularly examine these spots for signs of broken or improperly fitting structures. If there are any cracks, repair them right away. You can use weather strips or caulk to seal up the gaps. Add weatherstripping to your garage door, which is a common entry point for pests. 

In addition, be such to fix any tears in your casement screens. You can repair them using wire mesh. Make sure also to check your foundation, roof shingles, and utility lines for gaps. Seal these openings with copper mesh or coarse steel wool. 

Regularly take out your trash

Overflowing trash cans attract pests, so it’s essential to dispose of your garbage. Keep in mind even outdoor waste can become a food source for bugs. Ensure your trash cans have properly fitted lids and clean the bins. Also, remove any leaves or standing water, which can create a home for critters.

When it comes to your recycling, rinse all the food before placing it inside the container. Store the bin outside instead of in your garage. 

Buy the right light bulbs

Replace your bulbs with high-pressure sodium or halogen lights to deter pests. LED bulbs are also more effective than incandescent ones. The color bulb can also play a role. Pink, yellow, or orange-tinted lights are the least attractive to bugs. 

When placing your exterior lights, put them farther away from your house. Consider using a pole to help illuminate your patio. 

Wash your drains 

Sink and floor drains can accumulate lots of dirt and debris. Kitchens are vulnerable to food build-up, creating an ideal breeding ground for flies. Regularly clean your drains using baking soda and vinegar. Remember to remove any hair from your shower drain, to prevent clogging. 

Properly store your food 

Improperly kept food is easier for rodents to sniff out. Store pantry items, like cereal, in reusable containers and resealable bags. As well as clean your pantry and remove any spoiled food. To ensure you’re not overstocking your cupboards, only buy in bulk when necessary. You can even plan meals for the entire week to prevent impulse purchases. 

Keep up with household chores 

The cleaner your house is, the less likely you are to attract pests. Plus, they will have fewer places to hide. Make sure to mop and vacuum frequently used areas in your home. While in the kitchen, remove any food crumbs from floors and surfaces. 

Regular cleaning even helps you spot potential entrances for critters. Consider tidying up a part of your nightly routine. You can even try getting your whole family involved. 

Set up an alternative food source

If you’re looking for a safer way to deter unwanted pests, provide them with an alternative food source. Place a bird feeder at the opposite end of your yard. The device will then keep small animals away from your home. Just keep in mind you’ll need to have a constant supply of food. Consider placing the feeder in open areas where rodents will see it.

Add a wire cloche in your garden 

A cloche is a bell-shaped covering used to protect your plants. Wire versions are common due to their affordability and ease of use. If you’re on a budget, you can make your own with chicken wire and tube cloches. The devices are perfect for preventing ants from hiding in your plants. 

Use natural remedies 

Pour apple cider vinegar into a small bowl and cover it with plastic. Punch a few small-sized holes for fruit flies to enter. The insects will be attracted to the liquid but won’t be able to escape the container. 

Here are some other household remedies to keep away pests:

  • Coffee grounds
  • Bananas 
  • Cornmeal
  • Fresh herbs
  • Essential oils

Remove spider webs 

Regularly sweep your basement window sills to prevent a spider infestation. To remove the webs, either uses a vacuum or soft duster with a long handle.  Remember to check for webs on the exterior of your property. You will often find cobwebs around doors and windows. You can use a broom or water hose to remove these. Buy a humidifier to kill off insects as well.

Examine your crawl spaces

Your crawl spaces can be home to hidden bugs. Bring a flashlight and look for signs of animal life. Check for any nests or shredded materials, which indicate rodents. You may also see a collection of ants or cockroaches. Once you identify an issue, take care of it right away to prevent property damage.

Tips for a pest-free home

Bugs can be an inconvenience for many homeowners. If not properly removed, they can cause structural issues. So, follow these tips to keep pests away from your home. 

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