5 Things to Keep In Mind When Upgrading Your Family Car

What to keep in mind when upgrading your family car?

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As a caring parent, you have to make sacrifices daily. One of the sacrifices you might make has to do with trading in your sporty car for a minivan. Your family will grow and get older, and this may happen faster than you realize. When that happens, you will have to upgrade to a family-size car.

Making this sacrifice is no easy task. However, considering some vital points will make the process less daunting. Here are five things to consider when upgrading your family car.

Think about safety

Safety is probably the most important consideration you should take when upgrading to a family-size car. This is especially important if you will be traveling with your small kids. Studies have revealed that kids are more likely to get injured or lose their lives during an auto accident. You can make a lifesaving difference by making sure you purchase a safe family car.

Start by checking the crash-worthiness of the vehicle you are considering before checking the brake override system. It is also vital to evaluate the electronic stability control and pre-collision system to deter motor crashes. Also, check the quality of airbags and seat belts to make sure your kids get home safe.

Buying a car with a backup camera and GPS monitoring system will also help. A family car with active head restraints can also prevent neck injuries. According to Forbes, there are many models of used and new cars that they recommend for their high safety features.

Consider size

As your family grows, you will have to upgrade to a bigger car with adequate cargo space. Such a vehicle will keep your precious family members comfortable during your trips. Moreover, it will have enough space to accommodate car seats, snacks, additional clothing, toys, camping gear, a stroller, and more.

Bear in mind that your family is likely to get bigger soon. So, buy a car that will grow with your family.

Choose between a new and used car

You will also have to choose between a used car and a new car. Various factors will come into play when making this decision. For instance, a new car is the best option to get a fresh start with your family car. It is also the best option if you need cheaper financing and full warranty coverage.

Also, your new family car might have the latest features. However, buying a new family car might be more expensive than a used car in the long run.

On the other hand, used cars might be the best option if you don’t have the budget to afford to get a new car. The major downside of these cars is that you won’t get a fresh start and warranty coverage. A used car may require more maintenance and replacement of parts than a new car which can potentially end up costing you more than you initially expected.

Evaluate the fuel efficiency

Your expenses are likely to increase as your family grows. The last thing you would want is to stretch your budget further. That is why you should go for a fuel-efficient family car. Such a vehicle will save you money on fuel costs every year.

To determine the miles per gallon of the family car you have in mind, you must consider your driving. For instance, you are likely to use more fuel if you use the family car to make short trips during cold weather.

Moreover, heavy breaking and speeding will also determine your miles per gallon. The condition of your family car will also have an impact on the MPG. For instance, a faulty fuel injector and poor maintenance will increase your fuel consumption.

Alignment problems and oil type will also influence the amount of fuel you will be using.

Make car shipping arrangements early on

Most parents overlook car shipping until it is too late. Especially if you purchase a vehicle from your hometown and want to send it to another family member in another state such as Michigan for your college student, utilizing a car shipping company will be crucial. Whether you are taking care of your college student, family members, or relocating to a different state, making car shipping arrangements early on will give you peace of mind.

When making your car shipping arrangements, remember to consider your interests and budget. It is also wise to work with top-rated auto transport companies. Work with a professional and experienced auto transport company to get value for your money, and make sure the company offers adequate insurance in case anything goes wrong during the transportation process.

There are several more considerations you should take when upgrading to a family-sized car such as how much that vehicle may raise your insurance costs, the average life expectancy of that vehicle make and model, and common issues that vehicle may face down the road. Remember to invest in a vehicle that is reliable and safe while meeting the needs and standards of your family.

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