13 Easy Sewing Machine Projects For Kids In 2021

13 easy sewing machine projects for kids in 2021.

sewing machine projects for kids
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Sewing machines are a great way to keep your kids busy and teach them the basics of garment construction. The projects outlined here will provide you with hours of sewing fun with your children without having to purchase expensive patterns or materials.

Sewing machines are a great way to keep your kids busy and teach them the basics of garment construction with free embroidery designs. The projects outlined here will provide you with hours of sewing fun with your children without having to purchase expensive patterns or materials.

You do not need any expensive materials or fabrics or a heavy sewing machine for these projects. Here we will discuss 13 easy sewing machine projects for kids that can be done with beginner sewing machines and materials. and obviously your kids no need to go to Sewing School or sewing classes for these projects.

Let’s dive into it. 

Sewing projects perfect for kids and beginners

Simple tablemats

This simple project is one of the basic sewing projects for a kid to do. For doing this, a kid needs to cut fabric in a piece and then hem it up from the corners of the fabric. For doing this, there is no need for any critical hemming or stitching. They can use a simple running stitch for the sides of the fabrics. 

These projects will take not more than 5 to 10 minutes to stitch up. It’s a fun project and great to earn the confidence of sewing for a kid.

Sunglasses case

Making a sunglass case is a cute and creative sewing project also for your kids. Let’s talk about how to do that. Find out fabrics that will suit the best with your environment. Like if it’s summer, then choose a colorful fabric. Then cut it down with a measurement of the sunglasses and then sew the fabric in the inner side of the fabric. If you want to add some ribbon or letch, add this with a stitch. Now turn the inner part out, and here it is, your sunglass case is ready to use.

Easy bookmark

Bookmarks are very easy to sew, and it’s essential also. We have so many books to read in our house. So making bookmarks is a good choice of useful things. For making a bookmark, you can try stressable fabric or non-stretchable fabric also.

If you pick up stressable fabrics, you need to take the size of the fabric a bit less than the book’s size. And if you take solid fabric, then measure the fabric size in a comfortable size that can cover most books. 

Then sew it up in a round shape, and it’s up to use. You can also add some things to decorate this. But it’s easy to go in simple.

Face mask

Nowadays, face masks are very useful things to sew as a basic project. Making a facemask may seem to be hard work but let’s make it easy. You need to cut fabrics in mask shapes into two different pieces. And then sew it together in the middle and straight. Then add two ribbons as the ear liner on two sides of the mask. Isn’t it easy? 

Easy pillowcases

When your kids can sew in a sewing machine, these projects will be good practices for your kids. Making a pillowcase requires only fabrics and threads with a sewing machine to sew. Cut the fabrics with the size of the pillow you want to use. 

When cutting your fabrics, make sure you cut the rear part of the case on a large scale to cover the pillow. Then put them together to sew them up and sew the inner part and then turn it up. You can embroider the case also to make it more attractive. 

Simple flowers headband

Cut 5″ by 44 inches strips of cloth. To simplify cutting, you could draw a line along with the fabric. Make use of Sharp blades and pins to trim your fabric down with ease.

Fold the fabric in half lengthwise to create a 2 1/2″ X 44″ rectangle. Make sure that the right sides are matched on the inside, and you can see the opposite edge (back) and the front side on both sides. It is crucial to ensure that the edges of the raw fabric. Pin them to keep them aligned when sewing. Sew it with an easy stitch, then reverse the wrong side and the reverse side out. Make sure to iron it to make it smooth and stable. Now you can have a headband all your own. It’s so simple to sew with a sewing kit.

Key chain

This is an excellent way to keep your child’s keys in reach, and it’s an amazing gift for parents and grandparents. All you’ll require for this adorable project are a couple of scraps of fabric and a piece of Pellon Peltex and keys from an older ring button, felt as well as twill tape, pinking shears, and ribbon as well as an iron and thread. 

Cut the fabric into the shape of a round, then start sewing it onto the inside and finish by adding a piece of Peillon to join the ring. After sewing the fabric, the Pellon inserts the ring inside, and it’s done. Use a good sewing machine to sew it up. 

Emoji keyrings

Get on the high on the trend curve with these cool emoticons. To make these keyrings, you’ll require a few pieces of felt in various shades, a keyring with a fastener, scissors and a needle, some wool and cotton threads in the colors that match the emojis you want to use. It’s almost the same process as the keyring sewing projects. 

Phone wallet

It’s convenient to keep this simple phone wallet on the go so you can put your phone inside and run out to do your business. Your child will love to create this easy and beautiful phone case made of canvas. The supplies you require are an abrasive fabric, Velcro sewn on and rubber, the thin clasp cardboard, and sewing equipment.

Friendship bracelets

Learn to teach your child how to create these cute friendship bracelets so that they can present them as gifts to their family members to wear. All you require is a long strip of fabric and fusible interfacing. It would help if you also had thread and embroidery floss. This is a breeze to make as we learn how to make a headband.

Star pillows

Star pillow is a fun and beautiful sewing project for your kids with many fabrics and sewing materials. Start with cutting fabrics. Cut fabric with the shape of a star in two pieces. Then sew it together but on the wrong side. Don’t sew all the way. Take the way to turn it right side and then fill the pillow with soft cotton and hand sew the open part. Here you go with this. 

You can make a bunch of pillows to make a pillow family. Some small pillows as kids and some big pillows as parents. Use sturdy, colorful fabrics to make them eye-catchy. 

Tote bags

It is a useful item that children can take to school. There are many possibilities for decorating it. It would help if you had a piece of fabric to start this. Cut the fabrics in two pieces and then start sewing as before we did on the wrong side to sew part in the inner. Then turn it and sew two ribbons of fabric as the handle of the bag. What can decorate it with embroidery and hand sewing art decorative stitches?

Zipper pouch pencil cases

It’s my favorite one. It’s an easy project to start as a kid. Just make a pouch and then sew a zipper with a zipper stitch in the pouch. This type of pouch is easy to use and secure to take important things to carry. 

Final touch

Here I will try to gather all the beautiful and easy sewing machine projects for your kids. All 13 projects are easy and very interesting to use the after product in regular life; if you find these projects interesting, comment to let us know that we did something helpful to you and made your kids happy.

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