Effortless Beauty Tricks for Working Moms

Effortless beauty tricks for working moms.

beauty tricks for working moms

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New mums sometimes don’t even have time to look at themselves in the mirror. Things get even busier when you need to go back to work. You need to look decent and clean when you sometimes don’t even have time to wash your hair. 

You don’t have to look perfect, it is ok. Here are some tips that can help you look and feel good when going to work.

Take care of your hair

Hair requires so much attention and constant nourishment, to look healthy and shiny. DIY at-home masks can help it recover and lose the dry look. You can make a simple hair mask by mixing ingredients you have in your fridge. A simple mixture of an egg and some olive oil will do magic to your hair.

Apply it and let it sit for a couple of hours, while you do the laundry or something like that. Wash it off and comb your hair. To give it some shape, you can make a braid before bed and get perfect waves in the morning.

Rely on dry shampoo

There are so many great dry shampoos that make your hair look clean instantly. Keep one always in your bag, to help you when you are in a rush.

Baby powder can also help if you run out of dry shampoo, but be careful if you have dark hair – you don’t want white spots of baby powder in your hair. 

What about makeup?

Even if you don’t use too much makeup, it takes some time out of your morning routine. A simple coat of mascara is sometimes enough, but if you are a makeup lover and can’t go without your eyeliner, think about getting a semi-permanent eyeliner. It is a tattoo but done with pigments of natural origin that fade after a couple of years.

There are great permanent eyeliner artists who will do fine work that will look natural and on point. It is such a time-saving solution that will help you look ready as soon as you wake up.

Perfect eyebrows at all times

If you are not satisfied with the shape of your eyebrows, consider getting a form of a brow tattoo. The most popular treatment is microblading, which gives eyebrows natural-looking hair strokes, definition, and shape. 

If done by certified and experienced artists, such as PhiBrows Canada, they look really natural and last for around two years. This means that you will wake up with waterproof eyebrows and don’t need to worry whether they will lose their shape and color during the day. 

Ditch the foundation

You may be dependent on your foundation, but if you focus and up your skincare game, you may not need it anymore. Skincare is important and it is something you absolutely shouldn’t skip. Regular skin nourishment will show even after years and your skin will not look tired and dry.

So choose the best products for your skin type and apply them every night before bed, so your skin has time to absorb them regularly. The key is in exfoliation and moisturizing. 

If you have spots you need to cover, try investing in products that diminish them instantly, instead of covering them up. Dark circles will also look less prominent if you turn to a healthy diet and get enough sleep. We know that sometimes it is not possible, so using a concealer is just necessary. 

The nail polish problem

This is one of the most annoying things you just can’t go without – or can you? The problem is, it doesn’t last long and it tends to peel when you least expect it. So, it is good to always have it in your bag to fix it. 

Unless you just adore nail polish, think about going without it. It is important that your nails are clean and neat. Not wearing any nail polish is better than having messy nail polish. 

Staying fit and healthy

Ok, we understand that you just don’t have time for the gym or a jogging session in the park. But a few changes in your routine can make a difference. Walking is very beneficial. The results may be slow, but they will show after some time. 

If you spend a lot of time in the car, try parking it a little bit further from the office and walk a little. Use the stairs instead of lifts whenever you can. At weekends or after school on workdays, go to the park with your children. You can run or walk together. 

Include more healthy snacks in your diet, to help you boost your energy. Almonds, nuts, fruits, will help you feel alert longer than sweets and crisps. Don’t skip meals and make them rich in vegetables and fruits. The results will be visible on your body shape and you will improve the quality of your skin, nails, and hair. 


Besides these quick beauty tips, you also need to find some time for yourself, to relax and restart. Occasional massages, spa treatments, or just the simple relaxation in a bath will help you feel and look better and more relaxed. 

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Claire Norton is a freelance makeup artist and is simply obsessed with the beauty industry. In her free time, she loves sharing stories and writes about various tips on makeup and how to perfect it. 

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