Tips for Connecting with Your Neighbors After Moving

How to connect with your neighbors after moving?

onnect with neighbors

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When you’re moving to a new community, it can be hard to create meaningful relationships with your neighbors. We can feel really disconnected due to the stressful moving process. With these tips, you can break that pattern and foster community with your neighbors.

Host a sidewalk sale

Everyone loves a good deal and sidewalk sales are an easy way to clear out items that you don’t need around your house without throwing them away. Secondhand sales are eco-friendly and create many opportunities for your neighbors to stop by to say hello.

For even more impact, try to get some of your neighbors to join in on the fun! Sidewalk sales are even better when the whole block is involved. You’re sure to know your neighbors a bit better by the end of the day.

Meet the neighborhood pets

Many times, it feels like you need an excuse to get together with your neighbors. But everyone always loves any opportunity to spoil their pet. Talking about your pets is a great conversation starter and people never get over bragging about how cute their dog is.

Invite your neighbors and their pets to a local dog-friendly park with some snacks for the pets and humans alike. You’re sure to have a good time and walk away with some new furry friends.

Here’s a printable invitation to help you get started with your pet party. Include some fun facts about your pet and your contact information so their humans know how to reach you.

Start a book club

Everyone loves a good book and starting a book club gives you an excuse to share your favorite novel with your neighbors. Book clubs help you expose yourself to new genres and you’ll get to know your neighbors, too.

To reach out to other parents, you can start a tandem book club for the neighborhood kids. This helps you and your kids get some reading in while you make new friends. 

When the book club becomes a family affair, you can plan the adult and kid’s book clubs at the same time, simplifying scheduling. Host your own book club in one room and rotate which adult supervises the kids in another room to relieve any babysitting worries. 

Connecting with neighbors isn’t always easy but these ideas can get you started on building lasting friendships in your community. Once the stress of moving (and the dreaded pre-approval process) is over, these tips are sure to help you feel at home.


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