Kids Birthday Party Ideas During Covid-19

How to organize kids’ birthday parties during Covid-19?

birthday parties during Covid-19

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We just can’t deny the fact that the whole coronavirus fuss left us totally speechless. As millions of people around the globe are trying to cope with the new pandemic outburst, others try to find ways to continue their lives uninterruptedly, including celebrating a birthday. Never have people imagined staying indoors and practicing social distancing, let alone having to celebrate a birthday without any guests. As isolation and other must-do Covid 19 measurements prevented your child from celebrating his big day, the time has come to turn the tables. There are numerous ways you could organize a kid’s birthday party and have a blast even during Covid 19.

Try out garden camping

Kids absolutely love adventures, and there’s no better way to organize a birthday party than by putting up a tent, picking up all his favorite treats and delights, setting up a fire, and telling spooky stories under the flashlight. A garden camping experience is a fantastic way to safely celebrate their birthday and make it a day (and night) to remember. You could roast marshmallows, make s’mores, drink hot cocoa, play cards, the list is endless.

Set up a “delivery” supersize from friends and family

Probably the worst thing about organizing kids’ parties during Covid 19 pandemic is the fact that their best friends and other relatives cannot come. Kids love birthday parties for the fun, but also the presents. To make their wishes come true you could have other family members choose a fantastic gift box, tailor all their favorite goodies and have it sent as a surprise delivery present. The most exciting thing is that they’ll have the gift box delivered on the day of the party so the kids will be able to experience the paper tear-up joy and enjoy their big day.

Host a mini zoom party

Even if it’s not a smart idea for a child to be in front of a flashy screen the whole day, you can make an exception on their birthday and host a zoom birthday party. Call and gather your friends and family on Zoom meeting or Google Hangout, and let them sing “Happy Birthday” altogether, say good wishes, and later have a group chat. For a bonus treat, you can pre-send them a special dessert like a mini cupcake or doughnuts, so everyone could have a sense of attending a real-life birthday party.

Organize a sprucing outdoor movie night

Outdoor movie night is a great party idea for all kids age 4 plus, especially now as it’s safer to be outdoors rather than indoors due to coronavirus. For a fabulous outdoor movie session, all you need to do is get a few plush floor cushions, popcorn, delicious candy, maybe pizza, hang a white sheet to serve as a screen, rent a projector, and voila. Have the whole family write down a few movie ideas, place them in a box and have the birthday girl or boy choose a surprise move. 

Drive-by party

As movement and socializing are prevented due to Covid 19, drive-by parties became a sensational option to commemorate someone’s birthday. Ask friends and family to drive by your home and start shouting, waving, honking, and tossing birthday cards and presents. Organize a car parade by asking everyone to coordinate and drive in line by your house so the birthday child gets a real sense of thrill.

Let there be décor!

Just because you cannot hos a real party doesn’t mean you cannot decorate your home and make it a memorable day. Get a lot of balloons and make a picture-worthy splashing balloon display, make huge poster bards sign, hang banners, streamers, and other festive delights. Kids love to have the real birthday “feeling” especially when their friends and other guests cannot attend, and decoration truly makes that happen.

Have a baking competition

Nobody can say “no” to a grandiose birthday cake. Even though you don’t really need to make a huge cake as there cannot be gatherings due to Covid 19, you can instead host a baking competition and let the birthday child make his special cake. Get all the necessary baking amenities, be mentally prepared for a kitchen mess, and let the children make and bake delicious cookies, cupcakes, and big-sized cakes (with your assistance of course). You could video-call friends and relatives to act as a judge.

Call a superhero for the rescue

Your children certainly must be a fan of some superhero or princess character. If they are, then “calling” their favorite superhero would be a splendid present. Find and hire a special agency that has many superheroes and princess characters available to give your child a memorable video call. They could ask questions, do some activities together, and sing.

No matter if there are some limitations to organizing a birthday party, you could still make it a fun and remarkable event. Have a positive attitude, goodwill, and a little bit of creativity, and you could plan a magnificent birthday party.

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