5 Essential Tips When Traveling with Babies

5 essential tips when traveling with babies.

essential tips when traveling with babies

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Some people find a family vacation as stressful. Simply because of having to cope up with tantrums in the middle of a busy airport. Well, while it isn’t easy to keep a child calm or get them to sleep throughout the journey, these five travel tips can turn your family vacation into a pleasant holiday.


Timing is everything, and it applies to every vacation or holiday level. From the start to the end of your journey, how you plan your day can make all the difference. Parents should try to schedule their journey when their child is asleep or during their most cheerful hour. Some parents prefer traveling with their kids at night when they are sleeping, but others find it convenient to travel early in the morning when their child is cheerful. Dear parent, you know your child better, so try to schedule your travel times accordingly. But try not to over-schedule your day. Don’t view a situation when your child is still napping as an inconvenience. Instead, please take it as an opportunity to take a nap yourself or hang out with your favorite TV show or magazine.


Traveling with a child isn’t the same as a solo vacation. It will be necessary to pack things that will keep you and your child comfortable and clean along the way. For example, wipes and extra baby girl or baby boy clothes will always be necessary even if your son or daughter is no longer in diapers. Wipes are great for taking care of sticky fingers and faces and cleaning up spills. You can also use wipes like a tissue to clean up public areas, but always remember to flush them after use.

Mouthwash, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, and soap will always come in handy when traveling with a toddler. Other items worth having in your carry-on include drugs such as oral re-hydration mix, acetaminophen, and antibiotic ointment. With these drugs, you won’t have the stress of finding a drugstore should your child get sick along the way. Remember to fit all your liquid items in a one-liter container, which is a requirement in most airport security. But if you’re driving instead of flying, consider putting all these items close at hands or somewhere accessible.


A vacation is a special occasion for every child. So, it is the best moment to surprise your child with the type of food she enjoys at special events and parties. Well, it is justifiable to give your daughter some junks to keep her quiet and cheerful during a drive or flight. If your child is past pacifiers and breastfeeding, buy them a sugar-free lollipop to keep them sucking throughout the journey.

Treats aren’t just foods. Those road trips could be the time for your junior to play with your fancy watch or phone. But make sure to supervise closely, and don’t be surprised if you pick it up off the floor several times.


Every child, regardless of age, may require something to keep them busy throughout the journey. So, stocking your suitcase with enough toys will help keep your junior engaged for the duration of your travel. Soft toys or little board books could be ideal options for toddlers. But for an older child, you might have to bring a tablet computer along. New toys are likely to hold attention for longer, but you don’t need to break the bank to impress your child.


Make sure all your child’s vaccinations are up-to-date before traveling. Consult your pediatrician about administering a flu shot ahead of a journey. The flu shot offers a layer of protection when flying with a child. After all, no matter how careful a parent is, it is impossible to avoid shared air in a plane. And if you’re flying out of your country, keep in mind that the strains that cause flu in another country could be different from those in other countries. Another trick is carrying any medication your child takes. Having extra doses may be worthwhile in case your return flight delays. Sometimes a medical issue can force you to cancel your flight. In such a case, call the airline and try to negotiate for a refund. Attaching a faxed letter from your pediatrician may work magic. Your situation can be understood, especially if it is a true emergency.

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