Home Updates You Can Consider This Year

Home updates you can consider this year.

home updates to consider

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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, more people spent time inside their homes recently. Many looked around and began to wonder which areas of their living space could use a facelift.

Home renovation projects became more common for homeowners, whether it was a new set of kitchen cabinets or a new roof. While some homeowners opted to make improvements themselves, others hired professionals to renovate their homes. Regardless of how they make their changes, there’s evidence to suggest more homeowners will renovate their spaces in the months and years to come. There’s been a surge in home improvement projects in the past couple of years.

Much of the surge has to do with a booming housing market, where home building, sales, and equity have been steadily increasing for quite some time. It’s projected that the market size for home improvement will grow to $352 billion by the end of 2021. 

Below are some examples of home updates you can think about making to your home and which spaces can be transformed to accommodate your needs.

Create a home office

Because so many companies had to transition to a work-from-home model, it’s no wonder why employees needed to find a suitable workspace in their homes. While some opted for the kitchen table, others focused on transforming unused rooms into workable environments.

Consider converting a spare or guest bedroom into a multipurpose workspace for those who spend their time working from home. Even if no one is working from home, the room can be used for other purposes, such as reading, paying bills, or shopping online.

A home office has many uses, and all it takes is a working desk, an ergonomic chair, and a window to let some natural light soak up the space.

Spruce up your backyard

With so much time spent in the house, it’s easy to forget about your home’s outdoor landscape and the opportunities you have to spruce it up. In 2020, 57% of homeowners focused on improving their outdoor living spaces, and for good reason.

Enjoying time outdoors was an escape from the harsh reality of the pandemic lockdowns. Porch and deck upgrades, pool installations, and adding new outdoor furniture helped create an enjoyable outdoor environment to dwell in during quarantine.

Consider adding some extra features to your backyard, making it more appealing for guests who visit. Even slight improvements can drastically improve the look of your outdoor space, such as decorative landscaping or patio addition.

Renovate your basement

While many homeowners use their basements for storage or laundry, it’s a space that can be transformed into pretty much anything! If your basement is not yet finished, now is the perfect time to consider adding some walls, fresh layers of paint, and some comfy furniture.

For families with children, it can be used as a play area or movie room. Couples can use it as a high-end hang-out space or install a bar for entertaining guests.

Basements are great spaces that can be used for various purposes — no idea is too big or too small. Something to note is that finished basements add value to your home, making it well worth the investment if selling is on the horizon.

Add a home lift

Evidence suggests that more families are coming together to form multigenerational households, mainly because of the pandemic. This means older adults may move in with their children and even become caretakers for their grandchildren.

Because older adults tend to have limited mobility, you may want to consider adding a home elevator to accommodate their needs. Home elevators can undoubtedly add value to your home and make it easier for all members of your household to travel from floor to floor. While some may think adding a home elevator may be too costly, there are plenty of options available that are customizable and cost-effective, all while remaining up to code and safe.

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Upgrade to a luxurious bathroom

There’s no better way to soak away stress than in a luxurious bathtub with candles lit and a wine glass in hand. Now is the perfect time to hone in on your self-care techniques and apply them to your bathroom. Whether that’s a new showerhead or a jacuzzi, your future self will thank you for taking the time to upgrade your bathroom.

Add some floating light decor to your bathroom, or install frameless glass doors to your shower for a more modern look. You can also upgrade your tile and get creative with different designs and colors.

There are plenty of options available to you to make your bathroom one of the best rooms in your house. You’ll appreciate the new look, and guests will be impressed with your stylistic choices.

With all of these options, your home is sure to impress all who enter, and you’ll notice that your living conditions have improved. You’ll enjoy spending time with family and friends in your newly renovated home — a place to create new memories.

Consider these home updates in 2021

As the economy continues to recover its losses post-pandemic, the home improvement industry will experience accelerated growth.

Homeowners are more likely to take on more projects of reasonable size, whether it’s to potentially sell or improve their current living conditions. Consider making some or all of these improvements listed above to elevate your living conditions and create a lovely home for your friends and family to enjoy.

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