Travel Destinations for the Whole Family

Travel destinations for the whole family.

travel destinations for family

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Planning a family vacation can be a challenge. Family members of different ages may have varying interests, and it can be difficult to hold everyone’s attention. The more generations represented, the more difficult it may be to find a destination to appeal to everyone. However, a little brainstorming may help you approach the challenge from a different angle and find a creative solution. Here are some ideas to help you find a destination for your next vacation that your whole family will love.

St. Lucia

Many cruises from Florida are Caribbean-bound, and while you can find fun things for your family to do on many of the islands, St. Lucia has the only “drive-in” volcano in the world, making it a unique destination. Of course, you don’t actually drive into the volcano, but if you rent a car, you can drive right up to it and take a hike around the hot springs. Some resorts have programs and activities specifically for younger travelers, so if your kids are a little older, this could be a great destination.

The Black Hills

Located in the Midwestern state of South Dakota, the Black Hills is one of the most underrated tourist destinations in the United States. Most people come for Mount Rushmore, and while that is an unforgettable experience in itself, there is so much more to see. Custer State Park offers the opportunity to hike, photograph wildlife, and see a theatrical performance in the summer. The cave system in the Black Hills has magnificent rock formations and a chance to escape the summer sun for a while. Spearfish Canyon offers colorful fall foliage. Take a ride on the 1880 train through some of the most verdant untouched scenery you can imagine. You can stay in the Black Hills for a week or more and still not see everything. Fortunately, you can keep coming back.

San Diego Zoo

There are a lot of things for families to do in San Diego, but the zoo is a top attraction, especially if you have very young children. The San Diego Zoo is renowned around the world as one of the best, and as a result, it is home to some of the rarest animals in the world, including the world’s smallest bear. Exhibits are organized by ecosystem, so you can visit the leopards and baboons in the African Rock exhibit and then head to the Northern Frontier to see arctic foxes and polar bears.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite is home to towering granite peaks and giant cascading waterfalls. There is hiking available, as there is at most national parks, but you can also take a free park shuttle around Yosemite Valley to see the most famous sights and get your bearings.


For older kids, a visit to the USS Arizona Memorial and Pearl Harbor Historic Sites can make the history they are learning in school really come alive. Then you can relax with the family on the beach. Hawaii is where surfing really developed, so there is no better place to take lessons.

Sesame Place

Located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, Sesame Place allows young children to step into the world of their favorite television show. The park is scaled for toddlers and offers sensory accommodations for neurodivergent visitors. Kids can meet walk-around versions of their favorite “Sesame Street” characters.

Denver, Colorado

Located in the Rocky Mountains, Denver is known as the Mile-High City. While it’s known as a skiing destination because of its elevation, there are a lot of fun things for families to do together at all times of the year. The free, open-air Denver Trolley can take you to attractions such as the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the Children’s Museum of Denver, and the 100-year-old Denver Zoo.

Planning a vacation that is suitable for the whole family can be a challenge. However, it is worth it when you start seeing the world through your children’s eyes.

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