Ways to Be a Good Neighbor

How to become a good neighbor?

become a good neighbor

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With National Neighbor Day approaching on September 28th, it’s important that we remember how to be standup members of our community.  While it’s tempting to minimize interactions with others, it’s nice to be on good terms with those in your neighborhood.  

By making an effort to do right by those living around you, you contribute to a happier community for everyone involved.  To this end, we’ve outlined some ways to be a good neighbor below.  

Be mindful of noise levels

Nobody likes it when they’re trying to sleep only to be awakened by the blasting of loud music or people partying down the road.  For this reason, it’s a good rule of thumb to be mindful of your family’s noise levels.  This doesn’t mean you have to shut down your kid every time they try to play their drumset, but maybe limit your loud noises to the afternoon, when most neighbors are wide awake.  

Clean your neighborhood

Nobody likes living in a visibly messy neighborhood.  Do your part to make your community look its best by removing leaves and litter out of yards and off the sidewalks.  You can even run a community clean-up to get others in your neighborhood involved.  You might even make some new neighborhood friendships along the way.  

To run a successful clean-up, print out the scavenger hunt sheet below.  Coordinate a day to clean with the other neighbors.  After that, have them fill out their house number and check off cleaned items as they go. For some extra family fun, you can even set it up to where the first family that completes their list gets a special prize.



Be responsible for your pets

If you have a cat or dog roaming around your front yard, be sure to keep an eye on them.  Sometimes animals can get into scuffles with other neighborhood animals, and that isn’t good for anyone involved.  Additionally, if you take your animals on a walk, make sure they are leashed and clean up after them when they use the bathroom.  Your neighbors will be grateful.

Be welcoming to new neighbors

Being new to an established community can be difficult.  This is why it’s helpful to reach out to new neighbors with a welcome basket. Try printing out this welcome letter which allows you to fill out your favorite local spots to visit in the basket.  The gesture is sure to make them feel more at home and appreciative of your hospitality. 

Being a good neighbor can seem like a hassle, but it’s well worth the effort.  When you put your best foot forward with the people that live around you, you create a better neighborhood for you and your kiddos.  The more you and your neighbors communicate and show respect for one another, the happier everyone will be.

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