Give Your Laundry Room a Makeover 

How to give your laundry room a makeover?

laundry room's makeover

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If you don’t like doing laundry, and try to postpone it until the very last minute, you might need something to motivate you. Our surroundings influence us more than we realize, so giving your laundry room a makeover could make a good impact on your attitude around chores. By getting some new storage baskets or changing the color of your walls, you can look forward to doing laundry but also do it more efficiently  

Here are some tips to give your laundry room a new look:

Organize the space

Doing laundry can be hard when there’s clutter. Start by decluttering and getting rid of anything you don’t need anymore. Get matching baskets and new storage containers, and organize everything into its own designated space. In order to store your laundry and materials, you can also get new shelf units with storage bins.

Upgrade the lights

laundry room's makeover


Having a relaxing room can help make doing laundry more enjoyable. You can do that by adding new lighting to your space. Add new bright lights and decorate them with lanterns or some fairy lights. A well-lit area can change the mood in your laundry room and also make you productive. 

Freshen up the walls

laundry room's makeover


If you want your laundry room to look more exciting and looking new, you can add a fresh coat of paint to your walls. You can choose to paint it with some clean white or add an unconventional wall color. A good tip is to keep the ceiling white and choose a bright color for the wall to help maximize the light in the room. 

Hang a wall art

laundry room's makeover


You can change the look of your laundry room by simply adding some wall art. So consider hanging a laundry cheat sheet on your wall to help with directions on how to wash your clothes.

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