How to Help Your Daughter in the Process of Wedding Planning

How to help your daughter in the process of wedding planning?

process of wedding planning

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Many girls dream of their wedding day long before they decide to get married, and, as a parent, you’ve probably dreamed about this moment, too. So, when their dreams are about to finally come true, it’s natural that you want to help them plan a perfect stress-free wedding.

Although many mothers have good intentions, you have to keep in mind that this is your daughter’s wedding, which is why we want to show you how to help her arrange everything according to her taste. Weddings are wonderful, but every step that leads to the ceremony requires a lot of effort. Therefore, here’s what you can do to help the bride prepare for the day she’s been dreaming of ever since she had discovered the meaning of love.

Help with dress shopping

As a mother, there are many things you can do to help your daughter buy a perfect wedding dress and find a bridal style. For starters, offer to schedule appointments and attend wedding dress fittings to ensure your daughter picks the right dress. Be sure to give her your honest opinion, but if your daughter wants to buy a dress you don’t fancy, you shouldn’t make her feel guilty or ask to change her mind.

If possible, offer to pay for her wedding dress. Still, as we mentioned before, this isn’t your wedding, meaning you should give her the freedom to choose the dress that suits her the most. On top of that, attending wedding dress fittings and searching for a perfect dress is a great way to bond with your daughter and discuss other essential aspects of the wedding.

Meet the in-laws

There’s a chance you’ve already met the groom’s parents. However, you should consider hosting a brunch or a dinner party to discuss the wedding. After all, your daughter’s in-laws will soon become part of the family, which is why it would be best to get used to dining together. 

If the groom’s parents want to contribute to the wedding, now is the perfect time to discuss the costs and determine how to split the bills. Your daughter will be grateful for your help, and you’ll have a chance to form a closer bond with the in-laws.

Prepare to be the middle-man

When the bride is too busy dealing with the wedding arrangements, food, and location, you’ll find yourself taking care of other important aspects of the wedding, such as guests, music, or a bridal shower. Be prepared to chip in and ask the bride how to help, but keep in mind that planning a wedding can be stressful. In addition, if you’re in charge of decorations or paying the deposit for the venue, be sure to talk to the bride and groom and ensure everything is planned and arranged according to their taste.

Share your wisdom

Every parent wants the best for their children, which is why it’s crucial to talk to your daughter about the legal aspects of marriage. We understand that she probably already had this conversation with her partner, but as someone who’s probably been married for years, you should share your wisdom with her.

Before she gets married, she should know her options and determine whether she wants to create a prenuptial agreement to protect her assets. Therefore, offer her to talk to experienced family lawyers who can help your daughter secure her position in marriage.

Host a bridal shower

If the bride-to-be is on a budget, offer to host a bridal shower. Invite all her friends and family, and gather together to celebrate love and help her relax before the wedding ceremony. Order custom items for the bridal shower, find a perfect gift for your daughter, and, if you want to make a statement, take care of the food and drinks as well.

However, if the maid of honor is hosting the bridal shower brunch or a party, be sure to send a bottle of champagne to your daughter or any other gift that shows how much you’re happy for her.


Helping your daughter plan her wedding is a great way to revive the memories of your special day and ensure everything goes according to plan. If you want to see her all dolled-up and smiling on her wedding day, be sure to respect her choices and find a way to share your honest opinion without making her feel like she needs to do better. 

Last but not least, weddings can be stressful, and you’ll surely feel the anxiety and pressure, but it will all be worth it if your daughter gets a chance to celebrate her marriage with a supportive mother on her side. 

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