3 Shoe Tying Hacks for Kids 

3 shoe-tying hacks for kids.

shoe-tying hacks for kids

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Whether potty training your kids, teaching them how to brush their teeth, or ride a bike, big teaching milestones like these require a lot of patience. Shoe tying, for example, seems easy enough, but explaining how to do it to your child is a challenge in itself.  

Do you go with the bunny ear method? The one loop and pull method? How do you explain it in a way that sets your child up for success? Que shoe tying games. Gamifying any kind of teaching is a great way to not only get your kiddo to comprehend the steps a little bit easier, but it also gets them excited to learn

Below we’ve included three printables to hopefully make the shoe-tying process easier and more fun for your kiddo. Grab your child’s back-to-school shoes, put your thinking cap on, and don’t forget to have fun!

Shoe-tying sequence 

This shoe-tying sequence activity is a great way for your child to visually see the steps as you explain them. Once you’ve gone over the steps a few times, print out the activity and have your child cut out each step. Then, mix up the steps and have your child put them in the correct order. 

You can download the sequence activity here.

Shoe tying cards 

Once they’ve got the steps nailed down, it’s time to start practicing with real laces! Start by printing and cutting out the shoe templates. For extra durability, glue them to a piece of cardboard. Once they’re cut out, use a hole puncher to punch out each dot where the laces will go. Then, thread the laces through the holes. To make it easier, try using two different colored laces to help your child identify one from the other. Continue to use the steps mentioned in the sequence activity to talk through the steps while your child practices with laces. 

You can download the shoe-tying cards here.

Shoe tying certificate 

What better way to celebrate a new learning milestone than with an awesome certificate of completion. Get your child excited by presenting them with this shoe-tying certificate and congratulate them on becoming an official member of the Adidas shoe tying club! 

You can download the shoe-tying certificate here.

Shoe tying can be difficult, both for parents and children, but these shoe tying printables can help make the process just a little bit easier for you and your kiddo. Remember to be patient and most importantly have fun!

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