How to Design Your Child’s Dream Play Room

How to design your child’s dream play room?

child's dream play room

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Your child is an amazing person. They continue to surprise you with their knowledge and attitudes toward everyday occurrences. You want to reward them with something that lasts throughout their younger years, tweens, and teens. One way to do this is through a playroom.

Not a generic one, mind you. Something that encourages them to spend time there when they aren’t doing homework. You want a playroom that invites them and their friends to explore, learn, and have fun. To help you with this, here are few tips on how to design your child’s dream playroom.

Ask them what they want

There are a few things you don’t want to ask your kids. For instance, if they have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Another one to avoid is asking them what they want to be when they grow up. However, a question you want to present them with is what they want in their dream playroom.

After all, this is going to be their domain. If they have siblings, then it’s a joint venture. Don’t put together a space you feel is going to work. There’s a good chance your children won’t be interested.

Instead, get ideas from them. Of course, things like an 80″ flatscreen TV are probably out of the question. Nevertheless, within their list of wishes are nuggets of inspiration you can utilize.

Put it down on paper

There’s another thing to ask your child about when it comes to their dream playroom. How do they want it designed? Do they want an open space or an area that’s split up into different spaces for reading and playing games?

To make it real for both of you, place all of the ideas down on paper. You don’t have to be an architect to create a floor plan. A piece of paper with something that resembles a design is fine. In the end, it’s a guideline you use to start the construction of their play area.

Go Warm With Colors

How your child’s playroom is painted determines how frequently they stay there. When you utilize bright colors it has the possibility of causing anxiety in them. Dark hues make a room feel smaller. Plus, even when there’s enough light in the space, deeper colors absorb it to make the area feel darker than it is.

You want to paint the room in warm hues. These are colors inside the yellow, blue, green, lavender, and pink spectrums. Not only do walls painted in these tints make the space feel larger the room itself is more inviting.

Add the right furniture

The proper furniture is another thing required for your child’s playroom. For the best style and safety, you want to look for modern kids’ furniture. Something that withstands both their constant use and the trends that come and go. Thus, you want to look at local outlets and online locations like Nico & YeYe.

The other thing your furniture needs to have is the ability to grow with your young ones. There’s no need to purchase smaller-sized pieces when you know they’ll outgrow them in a few years. Instead, get pieces that are modern enough that your kid is still happy to use them even when they reach their double-digits.

Make the space for learning

A child’s dream playroom isn’t simply for horsing around. It’s an area to learn and bond with others. You want your child to take time reading or utilizing the computer for something educational. Then, you want them to bring friends over to do the same thing.

Make the dream space for you as well

A child’s playroom isn’t meant for a solo visit. You simply don’t send them there for hours at a time. You want to hang with them when they ask. This energizes them and helps you learn more about your child.

In turn, don’t buy furniture or other items that are too uncomfortable If so, then look into certain adult-sized pieces. These invite you in and keep you there for as long as your child wants.

Overall, a dream playroom is created with the limitless imagination of you and your children. Make it what you want and leave room for changes as they get older and their interests change.

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