7 Handmade Alternatives For These Everyday Products

7 handmade alternatives for these everyday products.

alternatives for everyday products

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Rice water instead of conditioner

We all use conditioner regularly but have we ever thought of a home remedy for this. The water we use to rinse rice grains contains starch, ammonia acids, vitamin E, minerals, and antioxidants that can benefit your hair by detangling it, making it smoother, shiner, and stronger. Using this can reduce the use of chemicals on the hair and is cost-effective while not having to spend any extra amount buying conditioners. 

Burnt coconut mixed with coconut oil instead of scar removal creams

This grandmother tactic was given to me by my grandmother to remove a burn scar. I could not believe the results did not take long at all. This is not scientifically proven, but a study in 2012 showed that this tactic was good enough to remove first-degree burn scars and moisturize the skin and was more effective than moisturizers due to its high concentration of monolaurin, a fatty acid renowned for its antimicrobial effects.

Cloth or jute shopping bags instead of plastic bags

We all know the impact that plastics have on our environment. Plastic bags are made of toxic materials, which could have a huge impact on even our day-to-day consumption. Each year, we use an estimate of 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags worldwide, so let’s unite and make for ourselves a better, cleaner place and reduce the use of plastic bags. Using jute and cloth bags has many benefits. Also, use WonderWheel Store for the best collection of cloth or jute shopping bags. First of all its reusable, washable, and does not break easily compared to plastic bags, and it is just a one-time purchase for a long time durable product making it environment friendly.

Coffee powder face pack instead of skincare products

Indian households do consume a lot of coffee, and without a doubt, the remains of the coffee powder can be used to make our skin glow without spending on beauty products. A simple mixture of coffee powder, honey, and yogurt mixed without lumps used as a scrub or face pack massaging for 5 minutes can give unexpected results. 

Also, here’s a bonus tip for extra skincare!

Homemade wax for hair removal

For this, we have to take the sugar into a saucepan and add water to immerse it. Adding more water will lead to the non-conversion of Wax, and the flame should be kept at medium heat and stirred well till the sugar gets dissolved completely and have to add lemon juice or vinegar and keep stirring until a wax-like consistency is present. This may take around fifteen to twenty minutes. When the required consistency is reached, we have to take the Wax from the saucepan and let it cool at room temperature. Now the homemade Wax is ready. We can make this whenever we feel lazy to go to the parlor.

If someone like me likes to make lots of homemade beauty stuff, you can go ahead with this process. One can even prepare some wax earlier and heat it when you need them for any other purpose. You can store this in your refrigerator or a cool place. If we keep this in the freezer, it will be too difficult to melt it down. The skin feels so soft and gives a comfortable touch similar to the salon or parlor.

Recycled papers

Another good step towards a better nature is using recycled paper. We can now get these in stationaries where old used papers are recycled into new fresh papers. Honestly, I could not tell the difference and functions very much like a normal paper.

Decorative items

We find many stores that use eco-friendly items to make home décor that is reasonable and durable compared to many other products. These look classy and are rare items that we can enjoy without being bothered by the thought of them being fragile.

A great reusable bottle

Coming back to plastic usage in India alone, 3.3 trillion grams of plastic is produced per year. Aren’t we harming our environment too much? So next time when we leave the house, let’s not forget a bottle of water in a reusable bottle and conserve our nature as much as we can.

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