Tips for Choosing the Best Flowers for an Event

Have you ever been to an event and felt the aura of the place was just perfect? Well, it was probably because the event planner chose the right flowers for the occasion. Flower arrangements are vital to every event, especially weddings.

the best flowers for an event

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Whether you plan a wedding, cocktail event, birthday, or even a simple breakfast, the flowers presented there are different. It is essential to know the meaning behind various types of flowers. Sometimes, flowers are meant as the centerpiece of the décor or as complementary to the rest of the decoration. Here are some tips to help you with selecting flowers for your event.

Stick with a budget

Every host of an event has a budget. Sticking to the budget is an arduous task but one that is not optional. Flowers are lovely and come in very many varieties. You may be tempted to buy more than you had budgeted and make a hole in the entire budget.

Flowers should be a necessity in your budget but not a priority. They are perishable and, as a result, do not need to place a massive investment on them. It is better to talk to a florist before making a budget for flowers to inconvenience you.

Check for the flowers in season    

Just like fruits, flowers have a season. From summer flowers to roses, each flower’s price fluctuates depending on how high is the production. Flowers are more affordable when they are in season. 

For example, if the Madam Red icon is in season in February, then its prices are bound to be cheaper than lilies which are in season in July. It is best to plan your event according to the season for the flowers

Do your research

Florists are the best to seek advice from when it comes to flowers and seasons and visiting them is highly recommended.

Understanding the best arrangements of florals for events such as yours will help you figure out the best solution. Also, this process will help you find the best flowers that are within your budget and still satisfy your needs.

Researching flowers on your own gives you an idea of what flowers look like and what you would like at your party or event. The research will save time for both you and the florist with whom you intend to work. Because as you research you get a general knowledge of how you can arrange flowers and how each flower compliments the other.

Most florists, like beauty and the beast rose, come on board with tons of experience and can help with anything you might enquire about flowers. It is essential that you also have a little knowledge about flowers.

Remember your audience

From weddings to baby showers, these are some of the events that require flowers mostly. But every occasion has a specific style and certain types of flowers, especially for baby showers which go with the gender of the baby.

Some people are naturally allergic to a particular type of flower. Considering your audience is crucial. Look out for flowers that are known least to cause allergies. Alternatively, you can omit the flowers that cause allergies to your audience specifically.

Cultural symbolism is also a factor you should consider. Some flowers have a significant meaning to different cultures. Before buying, you need to check with your audience that the flowers do not symbolize something different from the point you’re trying to drive. It may cause trouble at an event, making you incur huge losses.

Think of the venue

Venues and flowers go hand in hand. You cannot decide on dull-colored flowers in a medium indoors, but you can do them outside. A venue outside, such as a garden or park, does not require many flowers. In addition, it doesn’t affect the overall event theme. 

When choosing the flowers, remember that people will not view your flowers in isolation. There will be other decorations. The venue and ceremony will determine the size and color of your floral decorations.

Most venues already have a theme color and only need the floral decorations to tie in with their theme. If you have a florist, tell them if the ceremony has a theme color or what kind of decorations you expect to get the best results.

Buy local

Flower farms are the best place to buy fresh and cheap flowers. If you have access to a flower farm, then you are already in a better position. Flower farms give you access to a variety of flowers.

In addition, buying from local farms saves you a lot of money because you do not require a middleman (florists). Directly buying from the farm helps you choose your flower arrangement and color assortment without being disappointed.

Finally, the local farms ensure that you have your flowers on time, unlike imports where you rely on a person from a different country to deliver on time. Human is to error and sometimes can even pack the wrong flowers. Receiving a different package from what you ordered is also common. 

Get it in writing

Any business requires written contracts to be safe. All arrangements concerning the event should be in written form. The writing should include the details of the flowers you want, the mass of each, the price, either total or itemized, and the time they are expected to arrive at the venue.

The documentation will help in coordination between you and the other party. It also gives no room for any inconvenience. Documenting agreed information is required, especially for corporate events or events that cannot foresee everything as it gets done.

Consider the tone of the event

How often have you gone to an event and thought that the flowers do not match the party? For example, having dark-colored blooms at someone’s birthday party is absurd and not appropriate.

Getting a florist who understands the tone of an event is not complicated, but you have to dig deeper into your pockets. However, every event has a different manner.

Parting short

Whether it’s a bridal shower, a baby shower, or a wedding, they all require a certain sense of arrangement when placing bouquets and the venue. These tips are some of the recommended practical tips when choosing the best flowers for an event. 

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