DIY Fun – Create a Herb Mug Garden

How to create a herb mug garden?

herb mug garden

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While balancing everyday life, a family, and the many responsibilities that we all have, it can be difficult to grow fresh produce, plants, and last but not least, herbs that you can use in all of your favorite recipes. 

Say goodbye to the jealousy you feel towards your next-door neighbor’s garden. If you want to grow plants but you just don’t have the time that your backyard garden deserves or you want to engage the kids in a fun summer DIY project, creating a mug herb garden might be for you.

Using these fun mug herb garden ideas, you can turn this dream into a reality in the comfort of your own home and without the mess. 

Gather all of the necessities

With a few simple materials, you can create an atmosphere where your herbs will thrive. These simple mug herb garden materials will create long-lasting herbs that you will love all summer:

  • The mug of your choosing
  • Soil
  • A fun, safe location
  • River rocks
  • Decorations if you feel like giving the herb some character

Locate the best spot

When thinking about what spot in your home is best for your herbs, consider a few options before closing in on one space. This area of your home could be your kitchen, a windowsill, or anywhere with proper access to sunlight. 

If you have plants or young children, make sure that this is not within reachable distance. Protect your plant by keeping it on a high shelf or section of the room. 

Common herbs to grow

While you may not be an expert on growing herbs, there are a ton of easy, fast-growing plants that you can choose from. As long as you have the proper nutrients and a supportive atmosphere, your herbs will be growing in no time. 

Make sure that you choose a mug that will support the growth of the herb. For instance, for a tall herb, you may need a mug with a deep opening. Here are a few options of herbs that you can choose from:

  • Basil
  • Thyme
  • Cilantro
  • Rosemary
  • Coriander
  • Fennel

Pick your mug

Time to choose your favorite mug that your herbs will be growing inside. This can be an engaging part of the growing process if you choose to purchase a mug or use a mug that has been pushed to the back of your cabinet. It’s all up to you! 

Make sure that the mug does not have any holes in it where soil could spill out or water could drip through. Also, check for small cracks or imperfections. As this would otherwise be the place that plants would be growing outside in your garden, you will want to keep this mug as neat as possible. 

Plant plant plant!

Add your soil to the mug about half an inch from the top. You will want to make sure that this is evenly distributed throughout the mug to prevent the mug from tipping over. 

Tease the roots of the herbs if you are using baby herbs and add a bit of water after the roots have been planted. River rocks will add a bit of irrigation for excess water. 

Style your garden

With your location chosen and your herbs budding, you can decorate this area or decorate your mug however you choose. You can go crazy with paints or designs on the outside of the mug as long as you do not disrupt the herb. 

Your kids could even take turns coloring the outside of the mug and grow their own herbs to be used in your famous dinner dishes. Download these printables that you and your kids will love and look forward to growing more plants this summer. 


herb mug garden

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