A Parent’s Guide to Kid’s Eye Care

Parent’s guide to kid’s eye care.

kid's eye care

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Children are always busy in their own lives, oblivious to any safety measures in any subject. And that’s why, it is essential to make sure that they do not hurt themselves or cause any harm to themselves, especially with regards to delicate organs like the eyes. As a parent, these simple techniques for a kid’s eye care can go a long way in protecting their vision. 

Ensure an eye-friendly diet

Diet is one of the most important factors for a healthy body. An eye-friendly diet consists of green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, etc. which are rich in iron. Iron helps develop sharp eye-sight and lends overall strength to the body.

Schedule regular eye exams or vision screenings

A child cannot express himself in clear words whenever he is feeling something unusual. And hence, external eye exams or vision screenings help detect any vision impairments or eye problems at an early date. This is beneficial to help correct the problem at the right time and ensure your child’s eye health in the long run. 

Be aware of the signs of vision problems

An alert parent can immediately notice any unusual behaviors or conditions of his or her child. Things like squinting while reading, or sitting close to the television are potential signs of some kind of eye defect. Be conscious about any change in your child’s behavior and you shall be able to catch any vision problems at an early age.

Limit their exposure to digital devices 

Digital devices emit harmful radiation. Children’s eyes are delicate and can be easily damaged with such radiation. Hence, it is best to discourage them from using electronic devices for a long period of time and instead encourage them to play and enjoy in natural environments. This boosts their physical fitness and protects their eyes from damage too.

Eye protection

Playing is an essential part of a child’s physical and mental growth. So parents must always encourage their kids to engage in physical sports and fitness activities. With that, they should ensure that children are given necessary protection measures which safeguard their eyes in any particular sport.

Encourage outdoor activities

Outdoor activities boost a child’s cognition skills, visual and mortar skills and are instrumental in the overall physical and mental growth of the child. And hence, parents must always give preference to outdoor activities as compared to letting their child rely on computers, tablets, etc.

Discourage eye rubbing

When the eyes are irritated, the first impulsive reaction is to rub the eyes. But rubbing the eyes only aggravates them further. The human body has a system that whenever a foreign particle enters the body, it tends to expel the particle out. But rubbing does not let the particle out. Further, hands may also be a source of bacteria and germs, which can enter the eye and lead to an eye infection. So always discourage your child from rubbing the eyes. If needed, wash the eyes with clean water to remove any impurities which have entered. 


Vigilance from parents right from childhood can ensure good health of the child’s eyes in the future. Eyes are very precious, and these simple techniques will gift your child with good eyesight for life.  

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