How to Prepare for Bringing Home Your Baby

How to prepare for bringing home your baby?

bringing home your baby

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The homecoming of your baby is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. The event is usually full of ecstasy from friends, family, neighbors, and probably your other kids. It is a mega transition that might get you nervous and excited, but there is no need to panic. Congratulations welcome to the magnificent adventure of parenthood, and for that reason, we have prepared you with ideal ways of bringing your newborn baby home to make you not nervous. Whether your baby comes right away from the hospital, comes through an adoption agency, or arrives later following a referral to the intensive care unit for neonates, this article is the best for you.

Leaving the hospital preparation

Moms-to-be usually buy clothes in their third trimester or during their trip back home. If you have someone to help you with purchasing the clothing, ensure they buy loose-fitting clothing with an elastic waist because you might not readily fit a pregnancy outfit that fasts. Dress your baby according to the prevailing weather conditions. For summer, light clothing is suitable; for winter, make sure you maintain warmth. With lots of clothing to buy, you might need storage to pack everything you need, especially the baby essentials. A diaper bag backpack that’s stylish is a smart thing to bring with you to the hospital. Find one with an easy-to-clean water-resistant fabric made exclusively for moms on the go.

The last thing before leaving the hospital is to consult your baby’s healthcare provider for an appointment. Some appointments can be immediately before leaving the hospital.

The car trip preparation

All you need is safety for your baby. The best means to ensure your baby is 100% protected during a car trip is to get the right car seat. Set the seat in the car ahead of time to prevent a last-minute rush. Many local fire departments will help you check if the seat is installed the right way.

Note that there are two kinds of car seats for babies:

  • Infant seats – designed for rear-facing infants only. According to AAP, toddlers and infants should ride in rear-facing seats until age two. This type of seat is replaced when your baby weighs 2 to 35 pounds.
  • Convertible seats – for kids more than two years of age.

Note: make sure the sit installation is done right. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation.

Home preparation

Home preparation is about creating a clean, safe, and welcoming environment for your angel. To make the safest environment, adhere to the following guidelines.


It is the cleaning, organizing, decluttering, and stocking up of the home. You can consider having a professional do a deep cleaning of your home before arrival from the hospital.

Set up a nursery and a changing station out of the nursery

You will be changing diapers now and then, and setting up a convenient changing station at home will allow you not to frequently go to the nursery. Stock this station with diapers, diaper rash cream, wipes, and some extra outfits.

Stock household essentials

You can consider checking subscriptions such as Amazon to know if household essentials can be shipped directly to you as soon as you order. Some items you might need include, laundry detergents, paper towels, trash bags, sanitizers, and personal toiletry items.

Fill up the freezer with meals

When you are nursing, you will be hungry a lot. Great recipes, drinks, snacks, and optimal nutrition will save the day.

Set up feeding or a nursing station

This is mainly for nighttime feeding – maybe you could be having a spouse who will be in for work the next day. Choose a comfortable chair, burp cloths, nipple cream, nursing pillow, TV remote, and water bottle for maximum comfort in your feeding station. Once you start feeding you may experience nipple pain because it can get dry, cracked, or even sore. To ensure that you can breastfeed your baby well, you can use creams to protect your nipple. If you are confused between nipple butter vs lanolin, read this guide to understand it better.

Prepare your pet

The pet might be in the transition too. Ensure your pet is conversant with your child’s scent but ensure you never leave your pet with your newborn.


Having a newborn is one of the most outstanding achievements of life for many. For first-timers mum and other mums, it could be time to get nervous, but no, it is the right time to get your shoulders high, and thank heavens for giving the gift. The only thing is to be conversant with how to prepare for your newborn homecoming, from leaving the hospital, through the transitway to home, and finally at home.

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