How to Cut Back on Sugar As A Family

How to cut back on sugar as a family?

cut back on sugar

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We get it. At the end of a long day spent making sure your kids get to all of their activities on time, packing lunches, cleaning up around the house, and trying to find time for yourself, the idea of cooking a healthy meal can fall down the list of priorities. 

But it’s time to stop thinking of healthy eating as a chore rather than a form of self-care. Eating a diet filled with fruits and vegetables, packed with nutrients, and easy on sugar offers a multitude of health benefits. 

For example, cutting back on sugar has shown to offer clearer thinking, which is great for busy moms juggling multiple schedules and priorities. Less sugar can also improve oral health, which can cut back on costly dental work for the whole family. 

One of the best ways to cut back on sugar in your diet is by preparing meals yourself. That doesn’t have to mean hours spent cooking in the kitchen. There are so many easy and healthy recipes that your family will love. You can also create your own healthier dessert recipes rather than buying sweets at the store to guarantee you know exactly how much sugar is going into each treat.

To help you kickstart your sugar-free journey, here’s a helpful infographic that outlines how you can do a sugar detox. It also offers tips for reducing sugar in your diet, easy meal options, and ways to satisfy your sweet tooth the healthy way. 


Sugar Detox


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