How To Do Proper Lighting In Schools?

How do proper lighting in schools?

proper lighting in school

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When it comes to schools, we all focus on the syllabus, books, classroom space, play area, and more. However, all the students deserve a safe and healthy environment in their school.  When it comes to a safe and healthy environment, lighting is one of the most essential things to consider.  Dark or dim corners can cause accidents, and if the lighting is not proper it will also affect the eyes of the kids. You need to use natural lights as much as possible for your classrooms because students can feel comfortable in a well-ventilated classroom and natural lights can provide vitamin D. Hence if you are an electrician and you are going to start a lighting project in school then this article is for you.  So, here are few tips to consider when it comes to school lighting. 

Choose moderate lighting options for schools

These days we install blue screen filters on devices to reduce eye strain.  If the classroom lighting is not perfect, then students will suffer from eye strain, and it will directly affect their performance. Weak lighting will strain their eyes and they will feel drowsiness. Too harsh lighting will create migraines and headaches.   

Maintain the lighting system

Bad lighting can increase various problems such as slow eye tracking, lack of visual focus, lazy eyes, and strabismus. Bad lighting will make these problems worse. Teachers and students cannot concentrate on their work if the lights are flickering.  One more problem is that light must be diffused properly else it becomes tough for students to focus with tin dim light. The quality of good light is that it evenly spreads everywhere. You need to maintain the lighting system of your school to avoid such problems and you must hire an electrician in this regard. 

Natural lights are always the best

If there is a possibility and enough windows, then adding natural light sources in classrooms is one of the best things to do.  Natural lights improve vitamin D levels, and it is good for eyes.  Hence, it is better if you can increase the usage of natural light play.  Electricians who are well versed with lighting principles can suggest ways to enhance natural lighting. 

Colour temperature is an essential thing to consider

If you are an electrician, you would know how important the color temperature is. Light not just has brightness it also has colors. For example, the blue light on the screens of devices can affect your children and it is better to keep them away from mobile phones and TV screens. However, this might not happen in the school, but cool colors will improve their concentration and warm lights can increase their stress level. 

Safety and security concerns

Lighting keeps the kids safe. If you have emergency exits, doors, corridors, windows, steps, then you need to install proper lighting in these areas. You will also have to install emergency lightings for dealing with emergencies where staff and kids might need emergency exits.  

These are few essential tips that one must ensure when lighting the school. If you are hiring an electrician for your school lighting, then ensure to discuss these points with him. If you feel that your electrician does not know these points, then you should reconsider the person.  Choosing the right type of fixture, fittings, and bulbs is the most essential part of school lighting. If the lighting of the school is comfortable then students and staff will perform well, and their stress level will also be in control. So search for such electricians online and take their suggestions in this regard. 

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