How to Stay Ahead of the Game with All Your Holiday Gifts

How to stay ahead of the game with all your holiday gifts?

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The holiday season has a tendency to creep upon us. This means NOW is always the best time to plan your presents whether the holiday season is next week or next month. But thoughtful gifts that come from the heart are always the best. To help provide some inspiration, we’ve put together a list of some key gifting holidays. And we’ve come up with a foolproof way to provide classic, whacky, and heartfelt gifts that guarantee satisfaction.

The holiday gifting calendar

As well as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, and births, every month has a holiday perfect for gifting. Here, we outline a holiday for every month when a surprise gift will show your nearest and dearest that you love them.


Date Holiday
January 1st  New Year’s Day – What better way to welcome in the new year, than with a gift to show you care.
February 14th  Valentine’s Day – Whether you’re looking to spark off a new romance or providing a reminder of your undying passion, this is a gifting holiday that should never be forgotten! 
March 8th  International Women’s Day – Show your feminist side with a gift on this day.
April Easter Sunday – Whilst the date changes every year, chocolate gifts for Easter are a must that never fails to tickle the taste buds.
May 10th  Mother’s Day – Perhaps the most important gifting day of the year. Celebrate the day of your ‘giver of life’ with a gift from the heart.
June 21st  Father’s Day – Competition for the most important gifting day of the year. Celebrate the day of your other ‘giver of life’ with a gift from the heart.
July 1st  Canada Day – Help your Canadian friends celebrate their day with a tribute to the Maple tree. 
August 2nd  Friendship Day – Don’t let friendship day pass without a gift that will help you stay best friends forever.
September  13th  Grandparents Day – Show the love to the people that love to cuddle you the most on this day… and pray it doesn’t fall on a Friday!
October  31st  Halloween – Don’t leave it until someone comes knocking at your door to spread some ghoulish fun with a Halloween gift.
November 26th  Thanksgiving – Nothing says thank you better than a Thanksgiving gift!
December 25th  Christmas Day – Okay, so perhaps this is REALLY the most important gifting day of the whole year, but who is going to forget this one?!


Heartfelt gift ideas

A well thought out gift shows the people you care about most how much you love them. However, sometimes inspiration can be hard to find. Here, we outline some great ideas for holiday gifts for any time of year that show you care:

  • A snazzy sweatshirt for a winter warmer that will keep your loved one cozy in style.
  • A backpack to inspire making the most of the great outdoors.
  • Your mug on a mug, so they can see your smiling face every day.
  • Bluetooth speakers or headphones to play that playlist you made them.
  • The streaming subscription they’ve always dreamed of for a gift that keeps on giving.
  • The biggest cuddly teddy bear to give them a hug when you can’t be there.
  • Kitchen gadgets for the budding chef.
  • Make them a personalized photo book of all your best moments together.
  • An experience that they will never forget (bungee jump anyone…?)
  • How about a book club membership?

The foolproof way to the best holiday gifts

A gift from the heart is the best gift of all. But sometimes, it’s easy to get the wrong thing. Be it the wrong size, style, or something someone already has. The wrong gift can quickly become a hassle rather than a reward. Fortunately, personalized gift cards offer a great way to show you care without the risk of a gift becoming a headache. The best thing is there are now loads of Holiday Gift Cards out there that can make this seemingly old-fashioned gift ideal for the modern age. Indeed, you can get any of the gift ideas listed above with a gift card! 

If you’re still not feeling a gift card offers enough of a personal touch, then don’t despair. Not only can you have the card personally designed. You can also suggest the gift you wanted to get for your loved one. This way you can show them you’ve really thought about your gift. If you see them enjoying what you had imagined, then you’ll get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside safe in the knowledge that you chose them the right thing!

A gift card is a foolproof way to guarantee gift satisfaction – and all without having to leave the comfort of your armchair! Gift cards truly can be a gift from the heart and help you stay ahead of the game with all your holiday gifts.

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