How to Help Your Child Cope With Getting Braces

How to help your child cope with getting braces?

cope with getting braces

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The idea of getting braces might not be such a good one for your child. Different fears about the level of pain involved might cause him or her to be nervous. Your child might also be nervous about the idea of having to wear metal brackets on his or her mouth. These are some ways you can help your child be much more comfortable with the idea of getting braces.

Mention the benefits

Talking about the benefits is the first thing you can do if your child is a bit nervous about getting braces. Your son or daughter is probably dealing with a problem that might be causing low self-esteem. Maybe he or she has a severe underbite, overbite, or crowding issue. Perhaps your child has a large gap. Getting braces is going to help your child restore his or her beautiful smile and alleviate that temporary problem that exists. Make sure you sit down with your young one and discuss how this process will help. Be sure to use a “no pain, no gain” approach when you discuss the benefits of getting braces. The brief period of discomfort will be well worth it in the end.

Talk about alternative options

Another reason that your child could be nervous about getting braces is that they will be too obvious to the other children in school. You can reassure your child that many alternative options exist. He or she doesn’t have to choose the standard metal brackets if an issue exists. Instead, your child can choose lingual braces or maybe even Invisalign. Both of these types of treatments are discreet, and no one except your child and you will know that these items are in place.

Orthodontists also offer a vast assortment of customization options. Therefore, you can even help your child to choose braces that have gorgeous colors and designs. This tactic might work well if you have an artistic son or daughter who will want to make a fashion statement out of wearing the braces.

Introduce your child to the orthodontist

Another way you can make your child feel comfortable with the idea of getting braces is to introduce him or her to the orthodontist. Take your son or daughter to a reliable orthodontist New York specialist for a consultation. You and your son or daughter will get the opportunity to learn the orthodontist’s personality. You can also ask any questions that you might need to be answered. For example, you can ask about the level of pain and whether the orthodontist feels that your son or daughter will be uncomfortable. You can also talk about the treatment and the number of appointments your child might have to undergo.

Find some pictures of celebs with braces

You may want to take some time to look for pictures of people with braces to show your child. Seeing pictures of other people looking graceful in braces might help your child to accept the idea of getting them a little bit more. You can also try to think of someone in the family or a friend of the family who has braces and help them talk to your little one about how positive it will be for them to get braces. Any positive input will help your child to accept the idea of getting braces more.

Go shopping for fun foods

Lastly, you can both do some research about all the fun foods people with braces can eat. Then, you can promise your child that you will take him or her to buy these items the moment the braces are installed. People with braces can eat way more items than most people know. Your child might be ecstatic about the available food options. Getting braces is certainly a reason to celebrate. All you need to do is make it fun for your son or daughter, and then the idea of getting braces will be much more pleasurable.

Get braces for your child

Use the tips mentioned above to comfort your child about the idea of getting braces. You can make it seem like the fun and helpful experience that it is.

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