Surprise Your Friends with These 9 Thoughtful Gifts

Surprise your friends with these 9 thoughtful gifts!

thoughtful gifts for friends

Photo by Skylar Kang from Pexels

You would do anything for your ‘ride or die’ best friends. You are there for them during heartbreak, and you celebrate with them when things are going well. You know with certainty that without them in your life, it would be far less dramatic, but also not nearly as fulfilling or fun! It does not have to be their birthday, Best Friend’s Day, or any special day to show your friends how much you care. In fact, the most thoughtful and endearing gifts are the ones that are given just because. If they ask why you can tell them, ‘It’s just because I appreciate you!’

Surprise them with a heated, weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are one of the newest and most functional gift-giving trends. Now, more than ever before, even as we emerge from the society-altering pandemic, people are suffering from increased levels of anxiety. Weighted, heated blankets provide an irresistibly soft, cozy comfort that helps ease tension, lift spirits, and rekindle moments of mindfulness. It will be their favorite thing to run home to after a hectic day.

Send them a personalized Visa gift card

Do not try and refute it! You have a million and one picture of you with your best friend. Road trips, birthdays, bonfires, and selfies by the beach. They have their own picture folder, and it brightens your day by swiping through all the images. Imagine how they will feel receiving a Visa gift card emblazoned with your favorite pic of the two of you? This is truly a super thoughtful gift that they can use to order lunch or for virtually anything they’ve had their eye on. Plus, you can further customize these cards with heart-felt text that reflects how you feel.

Gift your bestie with a wireless charging station

As awesome as it is to have technology literally at our fingertips, in our pockets, and always at arm’s reach, it can be a pain to have to keep track of several different cords. Reduce your friend’s frustration with a wireless charging station where they can charge everything all at once. Now they really have no reason at all not to return your text in a timely manner!

Present your friend with a best friend portrait

The writing is on the wall, or in this case, the art is on the wall!  The portrait accurately reflects the two of you in all your illustrated glory. Always have one another near when you create your best friend portrait. You can customize details such as hair, tee-shirt, jeans, trainers, workout clothes, and drinks that you’re holding, specialty coffee, or fine wine. Add your names, of course, or a favorite nickname like “Boo” or BFF.

The ultimate bucket list poster

The two of you are always talking about it, and with this focused list of 100 things to do, it might just take the two of you the rest of the century to complete. The activities range in intensity so that you can both go at your own pace. Choose from “fun-tivities” like Make a Snowman, Grow Your Own Vegetables, and See a Total Solar Eclipse. Simply scratch off the image once the activity is complete.  Endless fun will have begun.

Motion boom Bluetooth speaker

Your friend whose devotion to music, almost any genre, is unsurpassed, will be astounded with joy and hard-pressed to find a higher quality waterproof, portable speaker. Built with titanium drivers and a full day’s worth of playtime on a single charge, you may have just replaced yourself in their headspace. Any music devotee will find room for this little delight everywhere they go, from the campgrounds to the beach or backyard.

Elegant monogrammed handkerchief

Yes, you read that right. Not many people carry handkerchiefs these days, but they’re very handy items to have for wiping your face, hands, or sweat. If your bestie is an eco-conscious citizen, a set of customized handkerchiefs would make a great gift to help them minimize their use of Kleenex. To make the gift extra special and meaningful, you can have their initials monogrammed on each piece. Alternatively, you can have their favorite flower embroidered on the hankies. That would make for a very thoughtful gift.

What do you meme

Gift your special friend with a hilarious and entertaining board game and ensure hours of fun that don’t provide their own illumination. This amazing game simultaneously satisfies any internet withdrawal symptoms they may be having, as players create their own captions for memes that are already well-known, and often circulated on social media platforms. For their health and enjoyment, you are providing creative, non-tech therapy that they did not know they needed but that they will totally enjoy.

Friend photo collage

Use your vast photo modification skills to create a lovable and one-of-a-kind pictorial gathering. Find a range of photos that span a variety of events, years, wardrobe choices, and hairstyles.  Have some fun with different filters and digital stickers, captions, and creative crops to create an endearing, “I’m going to hang this on the wall as soon as I get home” kind of gift that they’ll gaze at every day. Priceless memories will be revisited and enjoyed for endless amounts of time.

Your friends see you at your best and your worst. Having a close circle of friends is a luxury and a privilege.  Never take it for granted. Show gratitude for your friends by giving them a gift that will make them smile, laugh, feel valued, and even be moved to tears.

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