12 Reasons You Should Consider Nixing Alcohol Altogether

Why should you consider nixing alcohol together?

consider nixing alcohol
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You may have heard of people you know or even influencers and celebrities who have gone sober and loved it. Whether a person’s desire to drop drinking comes from a struggle with the substance’s addictive properties or an internal desire to see what sober life is like, you can try out the sober life and see how it feels for you. Everyone is different, and everybody has their own reasons for nixing alcohol from their lives, but whatever yours is, you can lean into it and make the right choice for yourself.

Like with anything, there are so many reasons why you may want to quit drinking. At the end of the day, alcohol is an addictive substance. In technical terms, it’s a drug, and you don’t need to keep it around in your life. Whether it’s for practicality’s sake or if you want to focus on your health, there are so many reasons you may want to quit drinking — here are just a few of them you can consider.



Saving money

Especially if you live in a major city and frequent the bar scene, you likely know all too well that dropping $15 or more on a single drink isn’t just common — it’s expected. If you’re looking to save a bit of money on your going-out costs, cutting alcohol is one of the best ways to do that.



Your body can reset

Plenty of people cut drinking as a sort of cleanse, and you can start out that way if it feels comfortable to you! You can get to know how your body truly feels without alcohol and adjust to your new comfort zone.



You may have drunk more during the pandemic

One reason you may want to stop drinking is the state of your pandemic drinking habits. While many people saw an increase in their drinking during the pandemic, others who never drank at all began and started up a habit. Overall, alcohol sales have risen by at least 24% during the pandemic. By now, you may be a bit tired of drinking and want to dip out.



Alcohol is a depressant

Alcohol can bring down your mood, slow your motor functions and make you lethargic, and these effects can last longer than the intoxication itself. If you’re not a fan, you may want to cut drinking in order to lift your mood and energy again.



Liver health

Over time, excessive drinking can cause liver damage and even liver failure. Cutting alcohol can reduce your risk for these health issues astronomically. Especially if you’ve had a history of drinking or other substance abuse, cutting back can contribute to liver health.



Skin health

Cutting back or quitting alcohol can improve your skin, from signs of aging to breakouts and acne. Especially for women, alcohol can have many adverse effects on the skin and its health. By quitting, you can sometimes notice improvements right away.



Your overall physical health

While liver, heart, and skin health are all reasons to quit drinking, there’s so much more to health than the individual mechanics of it. The truth is, quitting drinking can help the overall health of your whole body! Many people say that quitting drinking can make you feel better every single day, so it’s all about trying it out and going with the flow.



Improving your mood

The body isn’t the only thing that can benefit from quitting drinking — the mind can, too! Alcohol use has historically been linked both to depression and anxiety, so if you notice that drinking can put you in a dark place, try going without.



Better sleep

Yes, it’s true, quitting drinking can help improve your sleep. While some people like to have a few drinks in order to sleep for the night, drinking actually interrupts your sleep cycles and doesn’t allow for a full REM cycle of sleep. While alcohol may help you fall asleep faster, sobriety can help you achieve better quality sleep.



There is no risk of medication interference

Unfortunately, many medications for all kinds of health conditions can interact badly with alcohol, causing infections, health issues, and symptoms like nausea. When you don’t drink, this interference doesn’t need to cross your mind!



Relying on healthier coping mechanisms

Many people turn to drink when they’re sad or down, even if it isn’t a productive method to deal with your issues. When you don’t rely on drinking anymore, you need to find other, productive coping mechanisms like journaling, therapy, or exercise that can help you get through. Ultimately, these will be the most rewarding ways to cope.



Building your confidence

When you stop drinking, you may notice new feelings of confidence and self-assurance. Having a clear head and a feeling of wellness throughout your body can increase your confidence and happiness within yourself.

Why you may want to quit drinking

Drinking isn’t for everyone — and you may be one of those people who finds they’re much better off without it. From the physical to the mental health benefits, there are so many reasons to nix alcohol.

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