Tips for Helping Your Teen Start Their First College Semester

How to help your teen start their first college semester?

first college semester

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Once your teen graduates high school, he or she may seek out a college degree. However, getting ready for college can be difficult since the workloads become larger and more challenging. Naturally, you want your child to do well in college, so check out these tips to help your teen start the first semester of college right.

Identify drop deadlines

As your teen goes to college, he or she will have drop deadlines to consider. Drop deadlines are the time frames where students can drop and pick up classes without any penalties or late fees. By knowing these deadlines, your teen can secure classes and try them without getting stuck in classes.

Make sure your teen understands he or she shouldn’t feel bad about dropping classes. If a class or teacher doesn’t work for your teen, he or she can find a better one. That way, your teen can effectively experiment with teachers and a schedule until he or she finds one that makes college more manageable.

Start with fewer credits

Depending on your college, your teen must take a certain amount of credits to be considered a full-time student. Sometimes, teens may feel like they have to take more than the required credits, but that isn’t the case. Instead, your teen should use the first semester to get used to college and how it works.

Encourage your teen to take a lighter load of credits or easier classes during the first semester. By doing this, your teen can get into the usual schedule for college students and not feel overwhelmed. Ensure you talk with your teen and help him or she find the right balance for the first semester.

Encourage studying

Once teens go to college for the first time, they no longer feel pressured to do homework from their parents. This can lead to procrastination and not completing assignments, which can impact his or her grade. As a parent, you can help your child keep up the hard work and finish the assignments through your encouragement.

Even though you can’t force your teen to do homework, you can explain why it matters in college. Make sure your child understands the importance of working hard and completing assignments, so he or she can do well in school. However, you shouldn’t push too hard since you could cause your teen to resent homework and college assignments.

Find the right student housing

When it comes to college, your teen will have plenty of housing options to choose from. Some schools will offer on-campus housing while others may require you to live in nearby apartments instead. Make sure your teen looks through those options, so you can help him or she choose the housing that will meet his or her needs.

For example, if your child needs student housing in Tempe, he or she can look for housing near the school. That way, your teen can walk to school and save money on gas without going too far. If the college is closed, it could motivate your teen to get there on time.

Get a known roommate if possible

Many times, freshmen end up rooming with people they don’t know. While this can help your teen meet new people, he or she may struggle to get along with that roommate. However, if your teen rooms with someone he or she knows, your teen will feel more comfortable. This can help your teen avoid awkward situations or feeling unwelcome in their room.

While your teen should room with someone familiar, he or she shouldn’t pick a distracting friend. For example, you don’t want your teen to get distracted or procrastinate on homework. However, your teen should like the person and be friends with him or her if you want your teen to feel comfortable.


Since college can pose many challenges for your teen, you will want to provide as much help as you can. As a parent, you can give your teen a chance to succeed, so make sure you follow these tips. As you do so, your teen will understand what he or she must do during college to overcome problems and get good grades.

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